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Tim McAmis Performance Parts  Tim McAmis Performance Parts - Precision Crafted Racing Components -- #tmpp

Whoever has the balls to try this and posts the best reaction video gets a shirt. #tmpp

Haven’t put one of the old school housing logos on in a while. But, we’re happy to oblige when a customer requests. #tmpp

Hard to fathom that this was six years ago. #throwbackthursday #tmpp

Possibly the most bang for your buck item in a #racecar Steering extensions make life as a driver more comfortable and safer. #tmpp

DON’T GET CAUGHT WITH A HOT TRANNY IN YOUR CAR!! • • • Cool-It was designed with two stages of cooling which allow the unit to drop transmission fluid temperature before you’re done pulling valve covers between rounds. The first stage uses a heat sink with a cooling fan while the second stage runs the fluid though an ice bath coil. On average, it now takes less than 15 minutes to achieve the proper transmission temperature while using Cool-It. #tmpp #trannytuesday

When you search “big butt” on a car website.

Anyone have some global warming we can borrow until the race season starts? #tmpp

Might get a little windy in here. #tmpp

Trunk support on the #titanium tail section. #tmpp

Up close and personal with one of our second generation wishbones.
These are beyond heavy duty and feature a gusseted X-Brace design with CNC-Notched tubes that fit perfectly. Not only does the perfect fit add to the overall strength, the wishbones are welded in a proprietary CNC fixture that generates absolute symmetry.
The 4130 and titanium wishbones contain a massive slider body that is machined to incorporate retainers and sleeve bearings that eliminate binding and allows the big hoss 1-1/4” CNC’d slider to operate butter smooth. #tmpp

Doubled up #tmpp

Carbon Fiber Parachute Pusher designed to sit flat on the parachute backing plate. This prevents a parachute shroud from becoming tangled around the air cylinder pushrod after slipping between the parachute mount backing plate and ordinary flat pusher plate. #tmpp

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