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Timminy Haycock  May 12, 2018, I get to marry my best friend!! ❤️❤️❤️@flomeostasis

Haven’t been playing with wide grip lately, but I hit 190 for some sets of 6. Thanks for the buttery handies @flomeostasis
Also, #apollotheasshole just had to be center stage for this video. My sweet like @deadweightstrength #gymdog

“Mom, quit getting fit and throw my ball!” my number 2 morning gym buddy, and only because 5AM is too early for @ashmazing_vigil and @broccolishockley haha!!
#powerbuilding @flomeostasis @dcollister440 @big_e_train @time_to_grow #apollothepuppy #heeler #acd #blueheeler @nationheeler @heelergram @australian.cattle.dog

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet boy. Three years of butt licks and snoozles. You’re a butthead sometimes, but you make up for it with your loving nature. You still hate skateboards and love a good swim, you’re still great with your tricks, and you still sleep right between my legs every night. In the next year, who knows, maybe you’ll become a big brother! Happy third birthday, pupper.
@nofoxgivn, thanks for joining us at the beach and helping us devour some cake and ice cream. You’re such a good girlfriend.
#QueenslandBlueHeeler #FurBaby #ApolloThePuppy #heelernation #dogsofinstagram #queenslandblue #heelergram #puppylove #DingoPuppy @heelergram @heelernation

Anyone who knows us knows how accurate this is. @flomeostasis knows my crazy, and loves me all the same! To my forever #mcm, i can’t wait to marry the shit outta you in a few months.

#tbt the day I told @flomeostasis I loved him! What’s even better is that I get to marry him in 100 days! #iwantsomemoore2018

Dang, I guess I AM leaning out a bit. The @juggernauttraining #powerbuilding program is working! And I get some quality time with @flomeostasis every day 😍😍
@ashmazing_vigil @broccolishockley @dcollister440 @big_e_train @time_to_grow @deadweightstrength

The hate-hate relationship with deadlifts continues. At least my high bar squats felt good.
@flomeostasis @broccolishockley @ashmazing_vigil @dcollister440 @big_e_train @time_to_grow @juggernauttraining #powerbuilding

It’s a beautiful day for swimming after squats with my love @flomeostasis. That water was colder than the temperature outside, though... #sweatingforthewedding #iwantsomemoore2018

Sunday was a little overwhelming, but very helpful. I feel like we’re moving along nicely with the wedding planning, but I’d be no where with my main bitches. Thank you so much for coming with me @grasinski and @broccolishockley (and of course my beautiful mama @leslieemmm)! @ashmazing_vigil and @agragert were there in spirit!
@bridalbazaar @brides #bridezilla #sassybitches #iwantsomemoore2018

Late #mcm post, but we’re at the gym at 4:30, so it still counts as Monday. I’m so excited to marry this guy in less than four months! I get to be a weird princess forever!!!
#stayweird #iwantsomemoore2018 @broccolishockley @grasinski @flomeostasis @time_to_grow @ashmazing_vigil @dcollister440 @big_e_train @your_typical_bro @jeffgragert @agragert @willard.the_3rd

The hate-hate relationship with deadlifts continues before the sun comes up.
And some beltless high bar squats in chucks because #squatssavelives.
@flomeostasis @broccolishockley @ashmazing_vigil @jennessaann @big_e_train @dcollister440 @time_to_grow
#powerbuilding @marisainda @juggernauttraining

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