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This was one of those days when ‘work’ involved a whole lot of ‘play’...Walking the ridge of Perrons along the border of France and Switzerland earlier this week.
For what it’s worth, days like these only happen a handful of times a year. Most of the ‘work’ days are behind the computer screen, or hauling too much gear to random dots on a map. Either way it’s far from glamorous, that’s the honest truth. But it’s also why they feel so sweet when you finally get them.
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What do you do after you’ve won the equivalent of the world championships of your sport in back to back years? Walking on water seems like a good place to start. •

I’m excited to announce and share the first pieces this week of a longer film series that I’ve been working late nights and early mornings with the rest of the @camp4collective family on. It’s a short film project powered by @jaybirdsport, with new films each month, about the fusion of athleticism and music in cities, cultures, temples, and epic landscapes across the globe. Stay tuned for more! •

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If the feeling of ‘joy’ were translated into a photograph this might be it for me.
Happy Mother’s Day to all of the incredible moms out there. We can never have enough of the joy you bring...especially this one right here.

The Oregon Coast never seems to disappoint. Whether it’s sun, fog, or rain — more than likely you’ll see all three in a given day — the rugged landscape is like candy for the lens.
This park in particular, Samuel H Boardman, left it’s mark on me. I can’t wait to get back and explore the miles of gnarled coastline, I feel like we only scratched the surface.
For those that are interested (I’ve been getting lots of DMs about gear lately!) this was shot right as the sun set and lit up the mist created by the heavy surf last week, using the @nikonusa D850 and the @sigmaphoto 35mm Art.
#Oregon #Coast #Sunset #camp4pix

I’ve stared at this image several times since I photographed it last week, trying to come up with something witty to say. No matter what I wrote, though, always seemed to belittle the grandeur of this moment and place...the sun hidden for most of the day, popping out, under the clouds, for only a minute, creating an epic scene that I won’t soon forget.
Maybe that’s why I love photography:
There are some moments that there simply are no words for.
#Speechless #Alaska #sunset

No pull-offs, tour buses, or chair lifts. Just Alaskan wilderness waiting to be explored by the ready and willing.
#Alaska #Sunset #ThatWouldNotEnd

The best time to take a photograph is when it’s too cold, too windy, too wet, too hot, too early, too late, or you’re too hungry and too thirsty for anyone with common sense to worry about appearances, because it’s at those moments human energy becomes palpable. Like when a helicopter is about to pluck you off the side of a mountain in the remote regions of Alaska in the middle of winter!!!!🤘🏻😳🤘🏻
📸 @willsaundersphoto

#TechTipTuesday: This past week in Alaska has been ‘epic’ in all the best ways... and this brief aurora over the Talkeetna Mountains was just icing on the cake.
TechTip Tuesday Update: Last week I shared some quick tips for staying out capturing photos longer in the icy conditions that we’ve been seeing across the US. One of those tips was dialing in a glove solution that was warmer than you think you need. Well the folks over @blackdiamond, who make some really warm winter gear, read that post and offered to give me a free pair of gloves to give away to someone. I said, ‘How about two pairs 😬?’
So here’s the deal... want to win a free pair of gloves, your choice, from @blackdiamond and a second pair for a friend? Just comment below with the buddy you promise to share with. I’ll pick a winner at random in 24hrs. That’s it. Simple.

UPDATE: @krleyden was the lucky winner!
Don’t like free stuff? How about a #techtiptuesday? Did you know that they can predict aurora activity accurately 72 hours away? There are several sites dedicated to it, check out one of my favorites:
gi.alaska.edu 💪🏼

TechTip Tuesday:
At the start of the year I found myself packing for our first project of 2018 - a trip to the cold, icy summit of Mt Washington in NH to shoot a story with the weather observation team @MWOBs and their local outfitter @easternmntnsports. •

I grew up back East so I knew to prepare for the coldest of cold, but upon checking the forecast it became clear that we were going to experience some of the coldest temperatures ever recorded due to a ‘Bomb Cyclone’... essentially a gnarly low pressure system that was dragging hyper cold air from the North Pole along with 100mph winds right to the White Mountains. The reports said that temps were predicted to be at -100...Fun stuff right?

I wasn’t too worried about my camera gear, I knew that because we were just doing daily trips my camera batteries would be fine, but what I was worried about was me! •

So here comes the #techtiptuesday... In the end we never made it to the summit of Washington (apparently -100 degree temps brought some liability concerns), but we did find ourselves in -50 degree on nearby summits. And there were three things I wish I had for the extreme cold but I either forgot or didn’t know I needed them.
1) Goggles - No excuse not to remember these guys, they should live in my pack all winter.
2) A two part mitten/glove system with a liner gloves that can block the wind... fleece gloves do nothing for you in the wind when you are operating a camera.
3) MicroSpikes - Not ‘YakTracks’ or Strap On Crampons. Simple MicroSpikes. These should just live in my camera bag all winter.
4) Insulated pants. They pack up small and are awesome to warm the core. •

Ok that was 4. But if I would have had these four things I would have been very warm in my big down jacket, and layers of long underwear in even the coldest locations. As it was we survived and have some great stories (and photos) to share.
#goeast #mtwashington #newhampshire

A wall of blue ice, carved by a summer of warm weather leaves a 3D playground where every surface is a line waiting to be climbed. @thenorthface team member @pfaff_anna sending the ‘King Line’ in a deep ‘moulin’ or hole in the glacier created by melt water.
If you look closely you can see dark stripes and patches in the glacier. These are the ice’s versions of ‘growth rings’... centuries ago when the glacier was building volcanic ash would cover the snow and ice during the eruptions from the islands volcanoes. That ash became part of the glacier and is all that is left as the glacier shrinks every year.
#iceland #glaciers

Just below the surface, are miles... no hundreds of miles... of sculpted ice-walls of all heights and steepness waiting to be climbed. The textures and smoothness reminded me of desert sandstone canyons, but instead of ‘Moab red’ they were ‘Iceland blue’. •

Here @bookofsamuel traverses in and then climbs one of the steep, long walls that we discovered. Thanks @bchendrix for helping me rappel in on my busted ankle and @thenorthface for believing in the story.

You can’t just put ‘badass ice cave’ into google maps and have it give you directions. You need to get out on the ice and see with your own eyes to find what you are looking for.
After a couple days of using trekking poles to get around in Iceland this winter (post accident) and my swollen ankle not getting any better... I finally upgraded to crutches! Game changer!
Hopping around on one foot, and one crampon wasn’t the most glamorous but it was effective. Thanks for making a run to grab these @kakiorr @retro_outdoors! 🎥 @the_dunne @brandonjosephbaker

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