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Tim Terlato  Hello everyone I am into sports such as Bowling. I love family to me Family first. I love babysitting shows creative side to me. I am 24 years old!!!

I may look like sleep hasn't hit for couple days, but am ready to battle the rest of this day into nightfall for sure!!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ί. @michaeljacksonloverforever145 @bsherman425 @tinachopra101 @hokuspokus_edm @this_is_stewart @gato1994 @babygirl01995.

I must say I did amazingly tonight. The best combined 3 scores gotten all league so far 10 weeks in out 16. Another 4 bagger connected. Between the 6 strikes inna row gotten 2 weeks ago and now back to back 4 baggers loving sport even more. 6th solid league soon ending in just about solid decade. But I still hand it to my teammates they are loving the sport too and nmw happens and even if tough rough nights, they never will back down/or Quit. Love my team fully like family style. @gato1994 @enrique.colon.1217 even @babygirl01995 whether she with me or not she deserves a lot attn too. Knowing of soon 8 solid yrs if not that already. Also @this_is_stewart @tinachopra101 @michaeljacksonloverforever145 the list goes on. Keep it up y'all!!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

This is how me and my team did for this week we actually hauled major arse again. And my team basically stay consistent. I had a rough game 3. But usually tired by then. Have a 165 average for the league. I'm supposely in the top 5 for highest up ranked best bowlers on this league currently. With 30 range being my handicap which is pretty damn great. The team I'm facing next week is awesome too!!! But I'm confident we're going to get them most of the games!!!. Hope everyone's been doing fantastic. @gato1994 @katja_mjjlover @tinachopra101 @this_is_stewart @michaeljacksonloverforever145 @enrique.colon.1217 @babygirl01995 @moya.melissa89

I surely love this dog especially on Independence day. Hope everyone has a safe and sound day. To my out of state friends hope yall had a fantastic week so far. God Bless.

Took this shortly ago and going to very important job interview in hopes of of course getting it. Job I done before!!! Truly crossing fingers here. Hope y'all have a lovely holiday wknd!!! :) :) :)

Fantastic indeed best week yet since joined this league. Halfway done with it and we finally connected all 3 games and killed in badass way overall score. Hope everyone doing well. God Bless. @gato1994 @tinachopra101 @this_is_stewart @babygirl01995 @michaeljacksonloverforever145

Please follow this girl as well she is awesome, smart, creative, fun to know, she always has your back to scratch as long you have hers. She will never take you down, in fact she will bring your spirits right back up. She lives in India bytheway and is a very laid back type of person. @tinachopra101

Plz follow this smart/wise great girl here she lifts your spirits when your down the most, she tends to be very loyal/caring. She also has been through a lot of pain and emotional stages so if y'all just like this style or been through quite a lot of craizness this girl be right for being apart your life. @michaeljacksonloverforever145

Plz go follow this girl she is a true loving/caring sister of mine @hokuspokus_edm. She really is a sweet girl and could use more true loving/caring type people in her life. God Bless y'all!!!

Nice Haircut, and ready for work to connect and keeping well motivated!!! Hope everyone keeping upbeat and never think about quitting on anything including life... Do whatever keeps u going and happy!!! @gato1994 @babygirl01995 @this_is_stewart @tinachopra101 @michaeljacksonloverforever145

This was actually a pretty fantastic night. My team will get stronger as Bowlers as the weeks go along. Still got eight weeks to go to it ends, then if I decide to do another League. Been on my sixth one technically now!!! @this_is_stewart @babygirl01995 @gato1994 @michaeljacksonloverforever145 @tinachopra101

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