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Timmy  Live in Upstate NY. Having fun taking pics along my journey.


This is such a beautiful little spot during the Summer, turns out it's just as pretty in the Winter. It was a total pain to put this panoramic together but finally I was able to manually stitch it!

I've had a pair of snowshoes for a couple years now and had yet to try them out until this past Saturday. Perhaps if I wasn't still in hibernation mode and totally out of shape it wouldn't have been so exhausting, but it kicked my butt! I had a great time and it was a fun experience but maybe I should have tried a shorter hike for my first time out. I ended up meeting an amazing photographer out on the trail, Manuel @zone3photo His work is truly inspiring and it was a great honor to meet him, oh and I should thank him for cutting the trail or I probably wouldn't have made it as far as I did. So I only took this one photo on my hike at twilight as I took a rest before heading back home!

Horribly sick for the last few days...ughhh, I need to get outside!!! I posted a similar photo of this waterfall a little while back but this one was fun to put together.

When you're not sure if the sun is going to peak through the clouds before sunset and then it happens!

Looking through some old Summer photos, I came across this one of Stag Brook Falls with really low flow. The lack of water was a bit disappointing so I never looked twice at this photo after. But now I look at it and it's just a beautiful spot regardless of the lack of water!

I couldn't pass up trying a long exposure on these gorgeous storm clouds at sunset. The foreground although from the same scene had to be captured much quicker as these ice pancakes swelled about from the waves below.

This Winter has been hit and miss here in NY with a few brief snow storms followed by warm weather melting any snow away. But February is finally here and I can always count on February to be the most brutal Winter weather, so hopefully soon I'll have some snow and ice! Until then here's a warm Summer photo from Catamount Mountain! 😎

Standing in a snowstorm waiting for the clouds to break and then comes this!

Another one from the icy shores of Lake Ontario. Just before sunset.

I can't believe it's the middle of January with a non frozen over lake and I'm wearing a light jacket!

Enjoying the cold weather!

This spot sits up on cliffs about 30' above Lake Ontario and the waves crash up leaving everything frozen. Such an awesome sight to see! This was taken about an hour after sunset looking toward a lake effect snowstorm.