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Last last the books will keep me warm in old age, yeah?

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Children's books on sale at Glendora! Go! Go! Go!

We got a puppet book! I'm probably happier than my kids.

#bookstagram #kidsread #puppets

Regrann from @maviisibor - EMOTIONAL ABUSE & ITS EFFECTS Abuse is any behaviour meant to control & subjugate through the use of fear, intimidation, humiliation & manipulation. Whereas with physical abuse you can see the scars, emotional abuse is 'felt' It makes use of more subtle tactics and is akin to brainwashing. In summary it involves, manipulation, the silent treatment, constant dissapproval/the refusal to ever be pleased. Constant criticism and the ever shifting goal post (you are criticized for something, you make amends and then you are criticized for something else- a never ending cycle of criticism) Constant threats, shouting, anger & dismissal, mood swings & rages for the most trivial & unexpected things. It also includes verbal abuse- name calling, accusing, blaming, threatening, offering solutions with intent to belittle, analysing, proving & questioning. All with the intent to belittle, control/demean. Also it is making fun of you in front of others & blowing your flaws out of proportion. There are different types.*Shaming, sarcasm, putdowns, these increase your fear & self doubt. You feel inadequate so you defer to your abuser. *Dominating- Your every action is controlled. (Until you can no longer think for yourself ) *Emotional blackmail- threats to end the relationship, rejection, abandonment. These fear tactics make you feel guilty & afraid. Your abuser takes advantage of your compassionate nature.*Denying & Lying- Your abuser denies things he/she said, events that occurred with the intent to hurt & humiliate. Your memory is denied. This makes you question yourself and can make you go mad. *Invalidation- Invalidates your reality. Denies your emotional needs. Abuser says things like "You are too sensitive"... Read more by joining “Broken But Not Shattered” group on Facebook. We are a support group for women going through different life issues. This piece was contributed by Enai Agodo. - #regrann

The Goo turned 7 on Saturday!
#birthdaygirl #mybaby #allgrownup

Me: What should we read for bedtime?

Sigh... #bookstagram #kidsread #Bedtime #shenanigans

Tonight in the Movie vs. The Book with The Goo - It's the bear of very little brain from the hundred acre wood.

#winniethepooh #bookstagram #kidsread

YVC: Mummy, read all the books.
Me: You want to read all the books?

I guess my evening's booked... #kidsread #parenting #bookstagram

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