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Sharon Tate  🎬🎭Remembering actress, model, wife, daughter, sister and mother, all through timeless photos💎💐 ✨It's never too late to fall in love with Sharon Tate✨

Pardon me, but your teeth are in my neck...I bet that’s what some of you are wishing, ha! 🧛‍♀️🔮 #SharonTate behind the scenes of 1967’s horror-spoof/comedy, #TheFearlessVampireKillers 🦇🖤 #SarahShagal #ForeverYoung #TimelessBeauty #Legend #Icon #MyInspiration

🌈 #NationalComingOutDay 🏳️‍🌈 Coming out of the closet was the GREATEST thing I ever did! It has authentically changed my life. I’ve been the truest form of myself for the past two years, continuously evolving every single day. I’ve never been happier in life, more at peace with myself and I couldn’t be more comfortable in my own skin these days. Growing up I lied, tried my best to put up a front, hated/ashamed of who I was, battled depression, heard the ignorant say, “It’s a choice”, “hopefully he (me) doesn’t turn out gay” and got horribly lost through it all. Today, that scared/ashamed/fake/liar is finally gone. To anyone struggling, I promise it truly does get better, I PROMISE!! Find yourself and utter the words when you’re ready, “I’m gay”. It’s mind blowing how you can actually fall in love with yourself, I finally am, and every single day I fall more and more in love with who I am (an unfathomable thought two years ago). It’s always so insane to remember darker days when I just wanted to die and contemplated how I’d do it...now I’m finally excited to take on life, live and be ALIVE! Life is good!! To my LGBTQ brothers and sisters, “You better work bitch!!” 💪❤️💛💙💜🧡💚 #LoveisLove #Equality #Pride #BornThisWay

Happy Birthday to one of my heroes, what would’ve been #JohnLennon’s 78th trip around the sun. A messenger of peace, love, music, and unity, this man will forever resonate in history. “#IMAGINE all the people living life in peace
you may say I’m a dreamer
but I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
and the world will live as one”
✌️☮️🎶🎹🎼🎸 #GivePeaceaChance #GimmieSomeTruth #TheBeatles #AcrosstheUniverse #WarisOver #PowertothePeople

A 22-year-old #SharonTate getting ready to bewitch the cameras ✨🌜🔮 Behind the scenes of 1966’s dark thriller, #EyeoftheDevil 🖤🎟 #ForeverYoung #TimelessBeauty #Legend #Icon #MyInspiration #HappyOctober #AllEyesonSharonTate

Remembering this rebellious babe, 63 years later. #JamesDean was only 24 years old with only three movies to his name at the time of his death. It was said he was a man very much in touch with his emotions and sensitive side. He was also known for his wild, authentic, free spirit and IDGAF attitude, during such a conventional part of history. This is what makes Jimmy the icon we all know and love today. “And that is what made him ‘cool’...being true to himself” - R. Riese. Rest well baby boy, there will be no other quite like you 🚬🎥🏎👓 #CelebrityCrush #RebelWithoutaCause #EastofEden #Giant

“I bet a hundred beads pop off every time she moves” - Neely O’Hara 🥃🚬💊 #SharonTate styled in #Travilla for 1967’s campy cult classic, #ValleyoftheDolls 🎬 #ForeverYoung #TimelessBeauty #Legend #Icon #MyInspiration #JenniferNorth

When the time is right; when I have my body at its “dream weight” and I’m financially stable, secure and mentally (and physically ready) I definitely want to get this portrait of #SharonTate permanently inked on my left side abdomen 💉⚡️I have so many favorite photos of her it seems impossible to choose just one, however this is definitely an iconic photo of her and certainly one of my all time favorites 😍😍 Tattoos are such amazing body art! I find myself craving more. When I do get this ink though, I definitely want to go to someone who specializes in portraits. I feel portraits are hits or misses and I certainly don’t want a miss carved on me for the rest of my life. What are some of your dream tattoos cool cats? Any Sharon Tate related ones? 😎👽#TattooGoals #ForeverYoung #TimelessBeauty #Legend #Icon #MyInspiration

Did you know?: some of #SharonTate’s favorite designers to wear were #Dior, #Pucci and #TheaPorter 👠👗👑 #ForeverYoung #TimelessBeauty #Legend #Icon #MyInspiration

#SharonTate slaying your existence & feed this evening 🔥✨💦 Pictured for 1968’s zany spy-spoof, #TheWreckingCrew 👊💣 #FreyaCarlson #ForeverYoung #TimelessBeauty #Legend #Icon #MyInspiration

“The day I met Sharon, I showed her the house on Cielo. Sharon wore no makeup and was wearing jeans and she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She was so excited and fell in love with the house. Sharon begged me to show the house to Roman. Sharon said I found her ‘dream house’ and was skipping through the garden. We talked and became friends, I miss her. I support Sharon Tate for a ‘Star’ on Hollywood Boulevard! Sharon was a sweet, beautiful person and very talented and deserving of this honor!!" - Elaine Young, realtor 🌲🏡🌲#SharonTate #ForeverYoung #TimelessBeauty #Legend #Icon #MyInspiration

“My whole life has been decided by fate. I believe something more powerful than we are decides our fate for us. I know one thing, I never planned anything that’s ever happened to me” - #SharonTate 💔😭
49 years ago today 💐🥀🕊
Sharon Tate Polanski: Actress, model, soon-to-be-mother (1943-1969)
Paul Richard Polanski: her unborn baby boy (1969)
Jay Sebring: Hollywood men’s hairstylist (1933-1969)
Abigail Folger: Heiress to Folgers Coffee (1943-1969)
Wojciech Frykowski: Polish actor (1936-1969)
Steven Parent: Worked several summer jobs to save money for college. Just graduated high school (1951-1969)
Leno Labianca: Grocery Store Owner (1925-1969)
Rosemary Labianca: Womens Boutique Owner (1930-1969)
Gary Hinman: Music Teacher (1934-1969)
Donald Shea: Hollywood stuntman (1933-1969)
May you all rest well 🙏 may justice continuously be served to the individuals who took it upon themselves to claim innocent lives ⚖️🤰👼🎬💈☕️🎓🛒🛍🎼👣⚖️
#ForeverYoung #49YearsAgo #TimelessBeauty #LEGEND #ICON #MyInspiration #GoneTooSoon

#SharonTate on set of 1967’s #ValleyoftheDolls. “I think when people saw the role originally, Sharon as Jennifer North. They thought, ‘Oh she’s just playing her booby self,’ and that’s not the case at all. You really saw the angst in her face and she was thinking of committing suicide, you saw that stuff in her face” - Ted Casablanca, journalist 🍷💊💄#ForeverYoung #TimelessBeauty #Legend #Icon #MyInspiration

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