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Time 4A Pint  The monthly get together, and weekly podcast, by watch collectors, for watch collectors. #time4apint #time4apintpodcast

It’s nice to have couple of options for #speedytuesday! #time4apint #omega #speedmaster #tintin

Switching back to the Lemania 5100, and this beautifully detailed 16856 from Lorenz. Hear all about it from @speedychronos on episode 42 of the #time4apintpodcast - link in profile! #time4apint #lorenz #lorenz16856

Sticking with @tudorwatch (and the Valjoux 7750), but flipping the colour scheme, with this reference 79260. Hear what @speedychronos had to say about it on episode 42 of the #time4apintpodcast - link in profile. #time4apint #tudorwatch#valjoux7750 #tudor79260

The Valjoux 7750 theme continues as we rummage through @tudorwatch archives and come up with the Big Block 79170... so called because it’s a “big block” of metal apparently... who knew? (Not your host). To hear about this watch, and 5 other fantastic Chronographs from a man who does know what he’s talking about, tune in to episode 42 of the #time4apintpodcast with @speedychronos (link in profile). #time4apint #tudorbigblock #tudor79170 #valjoux7750

On Saturday 25th March, 2017, I published the first episode of the Time 4A Pint Podcast. I had no idea what I was doing, didn’t know if anyone would want to listen, or how long I’d be able to keep myself interested in talking about watches. Nearly a year on, and I still don’t really know what I’m doing, I’m still interested in talking about watches, and as to the listeners? Well, there are more and more of you each week, and as of this morning, you’ve listened to the show over 40,000 times, in more than 50 countries around the world. You’ve not only listened, but agreed to be interviewed, to share your stories, and your watches with the world. You told your friends, you wrote 5 star iTunes reviews, and you offered support when the inevitable trolls decided that I was worth harassing. I’d love to buy each and every one of you a pint, but it seems I left the suitcase of cash that would require in my other coat. So instead, let me say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, I couldn’t have done it without you. Cheers. Chris. #time4apint #time4apintpodcast

Keeping things @sinn_spezialuhren for the start of this week’s show, @speedychronos brought along a Valjoux 7750 powered Sinn 103 Classic to talk about. Hear what he had to say on episode 42 of the #time4apintpodcast - link in profile. #time4apint #sinn #sinn103 #sinn103classic #valjoux7750

This week, I got together with @speedychronos to talk about two iconic Automatic Chronograph movements, and some of the watches that use them. First up is this beautifully utilitarian @sinn_spezialuhren 156, powered by a Lemania 5100. Hear all about it, and 5 of its fellows on episode 42 of the #time4apintpodcast - link in profile. #time4apint #sinn #sinn156 #lemania5100 #chronograph

Episode 42 of the#time4apintpodcast is live! This week I sat down for a chat with Aris, to talk about two iconic watch movements, and a selection of the automatic chronographs from his collection that make use of them. From Sinn, to Tudor, Lorenz, and Lemania, each of the watches we talked about contains either a Valjoux 7750, or a Lemania 5100. Two tried and tested workhorses, wrapped up inside six rugged, and beautiful tool watches. Get ready to add a few more timepieces to that wish list. Listen now - link in profile. #time4apint #valjoux7750 #lemania5100 #lemania #tudor #sinn #lorenz

Along with keeping the mechanical elements of English pocket watches ticking as they should, @sk_mechanician also works on cases, and makes his own from scratch! This was his first, a half hunter in solid silver, encapsulating a Dent movement from 1880. Hear all about it on episode 41 of the #time4apintpodcast - link in profile. #time4apint #antiquarianhorology #englishwatches #pocketwatch #horology #watchmaking

Along with tools of his trade, @sk_mechanician brought along some of his collection of pocket watches to talk about. The first being this beautiful silver cased piece, made by R. Kennedy of Clerkenwell, in 1829. Absolutely mesmerising detail in the engine turned and engraved case back. Hear all about it on episode 41 of the #time4apintpodcast - link in profile. #time4apint #antiquarianhorology #englishwatches #pocketwatch #watchmaking

Tools of the trade - if your trade is restoring antique watches! Find out what these implements are, and how @sk_mechanician uses them, on episode 41 of the #time4apintpodcast - link in profile. #time4apint #antiquarianhorology #englishwatches #watchmaking #watchmaker #engineer #horology #pocketwatches #tools

This week I got together with @sk_mechanician to talk about English pocket watches, and how he keeps them running. There isn’t much in the way of literature to help Antiquarian horologists out, but what there is contains lots of useful information... and a few banned substances! Listen to this week’s #time4apintpodcast to find out which ones, and what you’re supposed to do with them. #time4apint #antiquarianhorology #watchmaking #pocketwatches #englishwatches

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