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We made it. #nyc

Kinda wish we had more time in the South. I honestly don't understand why more people don't come here. As an Aussie, I know NYC and LA are priorities but you need to head come here on your next US trip. We've had the best time and have been blown away by how beautiful the cities and landscapes are. I'll have to wait for my film to be developed to show you most of it though.

Ate the pizza, swam in the ocean, ran across the sand. Now, showing me the way to the car.

Pizza on the beach! This is what happens when Zee won’t eat dinner and then tells us he’s hungry. I end up buying pizza as second dinner.

Two more days in the South with late nights at the beach and then we’re headed to the city.

Beach nights done right.

Mama and her two cubs (Zee is sleeping).

We never expected such a beautiful place to have such a terrible history. Kesh has had a dream for so many years to see a southern view like this one. We just never anticipated it being at a plantation where we would learn so much about the history of slavery in the USA. An important stop on our trip and doing our best to explain it to our boys so they learn from the past how to best shape our future.

For the record, Australia's history is just as dark and I need to learn more about it for myself and my family.

Down by the river with nature boy here.

It's our first time in the South and I wish we'd come here sooner. People, food and landscapes are some the most beautiful I've experienced.

Behind those eyes and beneath her full lips, under that milky skin and deeper than those perfect eyebrows is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. The heart and soul of @keshcoulson is something I’ll never take for granted. Thank you, God. I owe you, forever.

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