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Tim Coulson  Real life human, devoted husband, dad to Roo and Zee, photographer. The real world isn't lived online. Wedding account @timcoulsonweddings


Just over two years ago, I shared some of Zion’s birth story and then I stopped. To be honest, Instagram just didn’t feel like the right place for it. I’ve finally written it all out and it’s up on my (new) website. I know stories of birth aren’t everyone’s cup of tea so if it’s not your thing, please don’t feel obliged but if you want to read about the night we delivered Zion at home, in our bed, then click the link in my profile. Let me know what you think of the new site while you’re there.

Thank you @artifactuprising for the cool article. We spoke about finding the balance between documenting life and being present for life. Link in profile 👆🏼.

I’ve been undecided on what to do for Kesh’s 30th this year - it’s been stressing me out. It’s a special birthday and I really wanted to make sure we did something that Kesh was guaranteed to love. We’re going to be in Chicago, spending time with @amandajanejones and @creelanejones the week of Kesh’s birthday and it just so happens that Hamilton (which Kesh has been dying to see for so long) is playing. And because I’m terrible at keeping secrets, I just gave Kesh her present. Tickets booked and twinkling, teary eyes for Keshy. She’s stoked and the soundtrack is on high rotation already in preparation.

And in my heart is where you will always be, my boy. Deep in the part that beats, in the core of who I am is where my love for you began and is where it will grow forever and ever.

I've fallen so hard for this boy. Cheekiest/craziest animal I've ever known. And so damn beautiful.

Motherhood is where you shine the brightest. Motherhood is where you are most powerful. Motherhood is who you are.

Roo and Zee are going to be amazing men because of the way you teach them about this world and its people. They will be be sure of who they are, confident in their abilities and they will fill this world with goodness because of how you raise them. Our boys love you and they always will. I love you and I always will.

Happy Mother’s Day, my Love.

An update on some things you probably don’t know: we sold our house a few weeks ago, we haven’t bought another house, Roo and Zion are both sick, @keshcoulson is launching her own clothing label, we are going to the USA for 6 weeks in June and July where I’ll be shooting two weddings (one in North Carolina and one in California), I love not having any social media on my phone, I’m building a new website and that’s all for now.

Did you know that the average Australian guy my age spends three times the amount of time at work as he does with his children? Have a think about it. Probably sounds right to you. Should it though? Why have we developed a society where it is normal that I spend three times as many hours at work as I do with my family?

It feels ridiculous to type this but here goes: I am not a better photographer, father, husband or human than you are because I have 57,000 followers on instagram. People sometimes think I'm better than I am because of the number of people following me here. If anything, my potential in all these areas is less than what it could have been if I had my time back.

I can guarantee you that if you were to ask any of the big players of Instagram if their personal relationships have suffered as a result of their dedication to building a social media following, the answer would be yes. If the answer isn’t yes, they are either lying or are one in a few million that lucked out. A large and engaged social media following is nothing but the result of insane levels of determination, relentless hard work, talent and luck. In that order.

If I’m being completely honest, I have some regrets about the amount of time I’ve spent here and that’s my fault. What’s needed is balance. Time in and time out. I’m just trying to remind you all that whether 20 people or 2,000,000 people follow you, it doesn’t mean what you have to say or share is more or less important than anyone else. Be aware of how much time you put into building a following online. There are more important things in this world - like your partner, your kids, your dog, your job, your book, your camera, your writing and your LIFE.

War. Have you ever tried to explain it someone beautiful and innocent enough to not know what it is? That was me last night as I put Roo to bed. This God given slice of heaven doesn’t even comprehend those three letters. W-A-R. Today in Australia it’s ANZAC Day, which marks the anniversary of the first major involvement in military action by Australia and New Zealand in the first world war. ‘But Dad, why do I have to remember people who went to war when I don’t even know anyone who went to war’? My personal beliefs on war are that it is actual living and breathing hell on earth, caused by pure evil. Men (almost always) who seek for more than they need. More of anything and everything. Power, money, land, religion. Like all my chats with Roo, this one got deep, real fast. Like to the point that Roo wanted to know what part of his head Hitler held the gun at to kill himself (nice bedtime story, I know). The reality of war makes it easy to question who God is or if he’s there. I believe in him though and pray almost everyday to thank him that I live in a country that’s safe. The reality is though that my country, and your country wasn’t always safe. And there are many places in the world still at war.

Why the hell was I born here, into freedom and peace and beauty? Where I get to choose to go to the beach with my boys whenever I feel like it? Where I can be a member of the weirdest religion (I kinda am, haha) and not be judged or persecuted. I don’t know. One of the reasons I’m free is because generations before me went to war and that’s beyond sad but I am thankful. The rest of the world needs to be free.

Lest we forget.

I’m just gonna say this because it’s important and it’s something I have struggled with and I know a lot of you struggle with: if Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/Twitter or any other piece of crap social media platform is taking time away from your life that could be better spent, you need to get that junk out of your life. Especially if you’ve got kids or a partner. If you’re on your phone right now and your kids are near you, put your phone down, look your child in the eyes and engage with them in a real way. I’m deadly serious. Put the phone down and go and have the most real play you have ever had with them.

The last few weeks, I’ve forced Instagram out of my life, which is no small thing for me (and maybe you). Social media is setup so that you can’t function without it but I made it happen. Deleted the app, enabled restrictions on my iPhone (with a password I told Kesh to never, ever, ever tell me), flicked the switch so I couldn’t install any apps, removed Safari from my phone and made it happen. I then promised myself I’d try harder as a Dad and I freaking fell in love with not just my children but my life (again). I know I sound crazy but it’s the realest thing. The past year (honestly, might be more), I have let social media overcome my life and I’m done with it.

If I’m on social media from now on, it’s because I want to share a positive message (and you better believe I’m gonna do it quickly cos life is real and I just wanna be with my wife and my boys. If I’m here, it's to encourage love or goodness or real, true engagement. And you don’t get that on your phone. I read all your comments but I probably won’t reply. Sorry.

And to clarify my earlier post, this account is now private. I don’t care if I never get another follower. I also don’t care if I don’t get booked for photography work because I don’t have enough followers. Either my work is good enough, or it isn’t. And while I want all of you here with me on this, if I don’t make sense to you, or I’m not your kinda guy, if my views don’t match yours, just tap ‘Unfollow’. No problem. Nothing but love for all of you. I want you here, unless you don’t want to be. Will explain more in future posts.

Took a break from Instagram the last three weeks. Social media is a really strange thing and I’ve enjoyed my time out. I’m trying to get this community a little more close knit so this is an open invitation to unfollow me if you don’t feel like this page is something you connect with. I’ve also made this page private now and will be asking new followers (if you already follow me, don't do this) to just shoot me a little message so I know they are real and actually want to be here. This isn’t an exclusivity thing. It’s just not about hitting numbers for me anymore, or sharing aspirational/epic images. Not sorry if this sounds lame. ❤️

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