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Brian Turner  I am the world's only southern Alabama recovering religious fundamentalist sharing the perpetual wisdom pervading everything. Grow with me.


Wisdom is found everywhere. Look just below the surface, and you will find it. ~ Brian Turner

Getting ready to experience the incredible Rob Bell at Iron City.

I just finished a live video on Facebook about living a joy filled life. Check it out at Facebook.com/brian.turner3.

Getting the day started - a little coffee, a little reading.

The stories you tell yourself create a "you" which is not true.

Check out episode 2 of my podcast. Episode 2 is titled: It is as It as It Can Be. Find me on iTunes (The link is in my bio.) or on brianturner.podbean.com.

Those who are truly spiritual and enlightened know how to have a good time. "The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, 'Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.'"

Being an avid reader, I read multiple books at a time. I love being able to have my entire library in one place on my iPad. It's mobile, and I can have access to all my books or any one of my books at any time. I have so many books on here I have no idea how many I own.

La Parilla tonight in Dothan.

La Parilla tonight in Dothan.

So tomorrow I am uploading Episode 2 of my podcast. Go ahead and check out Episode 1 so you'll be in the know. You can find me on iTunes or on Podbean. Links are in the comments.

Check this kid out!

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