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I perform stiff legged deadlifts twice per week. 5 sets of 10 with 135 lbs on the volume day. As I implied recently I want to get as big as possible while not using over 2 plates on most exercises just to minimize joint issues and injuries. @bigseandonnn

If you’re tired of mom insults, please let me know so I can stop immediately. And in other news, I spent 200 at the dispensary. But from 150 a week last year, to 150 a month this year to 200 since May. 😎

I’ve heard this parable before but being neither religious nor having a dog at the time, I easily dismissed it. But now... “When man first sinned against God he was kicked out of Paradise and a great chasm separated him from all the other animals as a punishment. Most animals accepted the separation and actually felt safer because man was now to be a hunter of many of them. All but one animal. This animal watched in distress as the chasm grew wider and man receded into the distance. This animal circled anxiously and finally at the last possible moment made a desperate leap across the chasm with just its paws reaching the edge of the precipice. Man reached down and grabbed the paws of Dog and held him. Ever since that day dog has been man’s best friend. Perhaps God had a change of heart at the last moment and helped dog with his leap so man would have at least one devoted animal companion.”

“Don’t try to impress me or anyone. Rather, endeavour to make an impression.” @rory_leidelmeyer 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I’m not sure what Rory calls these but I’ve been referring to them as concentration shrugs.

Another side benefit to smoking as a pre workout aid? You forget that you’re ‘not supposed to be able to do this” or that. 😌🙏🏼

Since Domino is a little older, I’ve become more comfortable smoking again. I do find though that I do take her out less often when I’ve smoked which is another reason I’ve cut back and want to smoke less. On the other hand, I am actually even more grateful for her and she does receive that much more tummy rubs when I’m baked. 😌🙊Dog are damn therapeutic for us, aren’t they? And this cover of Mother done by Sinead remains one of my favourite covers.

During a recent live stream, I was asked if my drive and enthusiasm for training remains the same as when I first began. When comparing it to when I actually first began lifting weights in my early teens, I would say at the very least they are; my drive remains intact, and even my enthusiasm despite the novelty of training being no longer a factor is possibly even greater. This again is compared to when I first began. If I could accurately quantify it, I was probably most driven to gain size and strength in the period between 2003 and 2013. Still, even during that period of training I must admit that putting on lean mass wasn’t my top priority. Trying to stay lean and ‘in shape’ year round was my top priority. I was the Instagram wanna be fitness douche before Instagram. This meant that I lost the opportunity to have put on more lean mass than I currently have. This could have been attained possibly simply by being in a surplus for longer periods. In fact, if I totaled all the months, I was over 180 lbs in my life, it may not even be over a year. 188 lbs was the heaviest I ever reached,and I stayed there for only a month. Most of the year, I’m most comfortable walking around 175-180 lbs. I’m 172 lbs in these pictures taken this morning. Alas, its simply the path I chose to take. Definitely no regrets there but I am trying to instill these learned lessons to my clients and my nephews. If back then trying to gain size was second or third in my overall training goals, its now another notch lower among my training goals. For now longevity is at the top. Longevity as a higher priority when training requires even more patience since I now want to use slightly lighter loads. At the very least only rarely lifting above 80% 1rm. One way to put this is if I could gain 5 lbs of lean mass by building my strength back up to benching 3 plates, I’ll settle for whatever amount of lean mass I can gain staying under using only 2 plates. Don’t assume I no longer seek to challenge myself though. The fact I’m currently preparing to do 2000 pull ups again on New Years for a fifth time should speak for itself. i’m still an idiot. #fitatfifty #trainhardortrainflaccid

Agree or disagree? From comments in various platforms of social media there are many that still believe carbs or calories just before bed will lead to fat gain or more fat retention on the erroneous belief that because we’re asleep and hence less active, our metabolism slows down. Now if limiting carbs at night leads to controlling appetite and less overall calorie consumption than yes, that can work. But if calories are equal? It doesn’t make a difference when you consume them in terms of improving body composition. 👊🏼

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This is one of my gym pet peeves. In fact just recently, while I rarely do shrugs, especially smith machine shrugs, in passive aggressive defiance I included them🙊😂 just to disrupt the circuit this guy was doing. He was performing incline presses, squats in the smith machine, pull ups in TRX area and cable crossovers. He had a towel on the incline bench at one end of the gym, and his shaker at the cables to ‘save them.’ I was hoping to confront him but he just moved on and no longer included the squats. 😑

Domino hitting on my nephew @timbraphwolf

We began with 300 total reps of pull ups in under 35 minutes. And i proceeded to do a light workout consisting of:
Single legged press- 5x10 (per side)
Single leg calf press- 5x10 (per side)
Low incline dumbbell press- 5x10
Dumbbell shrugs- 5x10

And thanks for everyone who’ve been recommending Greta Van Fleet to me all this time. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @timbraphwolf @powerphysique @el3vate_performance

#throwback When my online training was slow and I still had to pay rent.

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