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The ideal measurements for symmetry espoused by the great Steve Reeves was that calves, arms and neck were all supposed to measure the same. On my right side my calf and arm are 15 3/4” and 16 3/4”respectively, with my neck being 15 1/2”. On my left though because of the atrophied left side of my lower body, my calf is only 14 3/4” (and it already grew back 3/4” in past 6 months) and my left arm is slightly bigger than my right at 17”.
These are cold measurements. How close are you to that Steve Reeves ideal of symmetry?

Last time i did bench and I’d smoked up pre workout 195 for 9 felt heavy. Today, no pre workout marihuana and 205 for 9 was relatively light. 🤔

Be. Three. Dimensional.
Yes, we know you workout. The fact that you only wear under armour shirts in and out of the gym, is a testament to that. Yes, we know you do yoga. We see you carrying your yoga mat to do groceries or raising your legs to your ears whenever waiting in line. Would it hurt to crack a dirty joke or wish someone "namaste, you fucking askhole?" Contradicting expectations doesn't mean you're being a hypocrite of sorts. Rather that you are simply being human. A three dimensional human. Don't define yourself by other people's expectations.
Meathead, pothead, amateur proctologist. Kane Sumabat.

I heard some disturbing news that my favourite dispensary may have closed down. What can I say? I’m simply heartbroken? So many memories. I even took @being_frank_yang @matw1x @vidadadada there when they were all in Toronto. I’m trying my best to observe my reaction to such news, and at the same time contemplating the nature of attachments. With your love and support, I’ll stay strong.

Today’s full body workout @mightymikeshow and I ended with another push up challenge. He did one, I did two, he did three and so on. He stopped when he was beginning a set of fifteen and l managed to complete sixteen still. So I did 108 total this way. We also threw in some barbell stiff legged deadlifts, which I haven’t done in years. And maybe @this_is_bodybuilding or @rory_leidelmeyer can confirm one way or the other but in the 80’s and 90’s I had the impression that bodybuilders rarely performed heavy deadlifts in favour of stiff legged deadlifts. At least that’s the impression the muscle magazines gave me.

If you constantly compete with yourself, yes, you’re winning but do you realize at the same time you are losing? If there’s only you and yourself competing, then like Ricky Bobby says “If you ain’t first, you’re last,” except in this case, even if you are first you’re also last. So stop competing with yourself and instead cooperate with yourself. Cooperate!!!

Like I concluded in the summer, weed is more likely to benefit a volume training day rather than a heavy training day. About 2 weeks ago I was doing 245 for 5 and today only managed 195 for 9. Heavy days feels so much heavier. 🙈 @mightymikeshow

I’ve been laying off the pull ups the past two weeks because of some shoulder issue. I’ve also been doing IF most days of the week. Today because I wasn’t sure if I was going to do volume pull ups, I remained fasted. 😂 It’s been our tradition though to do pull ups to celebrate birthdays so to in lieu of @onemanwolfepack 30th birthday earlier this week along with his daughter Madison’s birth, @el3vate_performance and I did 600 pull ups. We did 66 sets of 9 per minute (one set of 5 and one set of 4) and a final set of 6. Your turn @batmateo @romantraining @timbraphwolf and birthday boy himself @onemanwolfepack

And on that day Batgirl was born... Can I wish you congratulations yet or too early still? @onemanwolfepack @lindseykee

If you were trying to get the truth from someone, and you had the opportunity to give them either alcohol or weed, which would you give them? Baked thoughts. 😳😳😳

With the current environment in the Entertainment industry, one has to be careful. Plausible deniability is more important then ever. I didn’t DM her dick pics. Bird man did. He has a small penor not me.

At least I didn’t touch the bar. If I touched the bar, that wouldn’t have even been a legit fail. Anyway, l guess baked spotter on snap chat are the worst. My apologies @neoshredx

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