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Tim O'Malley  Owner O’Malley’s Gym☘️ NPC Oregon Judge 🏅 Schindler Elevator mechanic🔧 National level bodybuilder 💪🏼 Nutrition & Physique coach 🏆 Husband & Father

Client spotlight! @manimoney13 4 years difference... I met Mani a couple weeks before the pic on the left and gave him some last minute help before his first show...after the show he became my training partner/client.. this transformation is the result of consistent relentless hard training, utilizing heavy basic free weight movements. Mani is always willing to fight to push heavier weights, eat more food, etc to keep progressing. This guy is gonna be a freak!

Come get some wheels @omalleys_gym ... so many leg toys!

Client and O’Malley’s Gym weight smasher @thor_ange_crush finishing 2nd out of 15 in open classic bodybuilding at the Emerald Cup. This guys works hard and brings conditioning! Now it’s time for a rebound and a killer off season of smashing weights and making the jump to bodybuilding 💪🏼!

My clients @lottthomas & @manimoney13 are fucking savages! These guys have big goals and are killing it daily! This is the shit I love, the will to push and suffer hard to achieve. These young men haven’t stopped growing, and they won’t... they will keep pushing for more! Look for big things coming to NW bodybuilding!

@dillonsaint getting freaky! This is gonna be good!💪🏼

Happy Anniversary @adorable_jewels !! Wow I’m a lucky guy! I’ve been married to this cutie for 13 years! Love you 😍

23 year old client/training partner @dillonsaint ‘s spinal erectors.... he likes to pick up heavy things!! Swipe to the right.. you’ve got some work to do still 💪🏼

I got the mirror down!! ...and without breaking it! Hole gets cut in the wall tomorrow!

Client @thor_ange_crush 1.5 weeks out from Emerald Cup! Extremely hard worker!! Finishing 💪🏼

Client @cord.peck looking good!! Proud of this guy for working hard for a whole new level of conditioning! He is stepping into classic physique and bringing some shredz with him! 💪🏼💪🏼

I think it’s time for a deadlift party!! Who’s in?

Client @dillonsaint 8 weeks of dieting transformation... this guy is working hard and showing no signs of slowing!

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