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Diana Smith  Hi Ho it's off to places we go. *Just Passing Through

When all the elements of nature and mankind stand on their head, and together give us a doe that very much so belongs. As if dropped by the universe, eating it up nimbly.

25 years old, rented this here flying carpet spaceship and it happened to have the plates of our very certain destination. I love this video so much forever.

Something off about the empty inside.

Ohhh Idaho

On my way home.

Love this city. It’s so alive and authentic.

Details. I’d like to title this one: Out The Sky Window.

Tunnel reaching from the ocean floor up the mountain. A passage of queens. Got our fill of life-giving surroundings that day. Up and up.

Horizon. Darkened lightness, metallic vibrance, lifted and shifting across the ever changing coral-sea sky.

Walking on paved ways that seemed to be more for nature’s rain streams then human feet. Searching out the lovers waterfall beyond the bat cave.

Lookout, find spaces between the vines, see the raging mud soaked river of a heavy rainy season beside stark jungle hills. Singing of water, roaring music in every drop.

Not far from a far drop. The edge of my life and the world.

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