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Diana Smith  Hi Ho it's off to places we go. *Just Passing Through


Fine lines and stark alien contact. Speak to them when you're on your own.

Life is peculiar because in years past, my bed always served as my true sanctuary... I've given up some precautionary safety measures to a degree, especially lately. Growing is a measure in motion of under-protection becoming overprotection becoming lax with time. This has been my bed off and on since my final year in CDA, and is currently the one and only. Can finally say I'm not above it (badumtssh).

Life of of late has been a challenge. But I'm walking through, circling beautiful moments with a fine point pen. Like when a girl I'd only seen once before had the premonition to buy me a beautiful bouquet of flowers at work, and I couldn't help but break down and cry in the grocery store because she told me she didn't know what it was I'd been going through but God or someone out there loved me. Or being invited to a BBQ by a complete stranger which led to a potluck at a house I had wanted to live. They played mind blowing piano music, tons of friends belting each chorus and dancing together at 2am like magic. My bosom friend showing up with edibles the last days of my 23rd year. Or when my quirky coworker bought me a Taurus lighter, lit it, and while holding it up sang me happy birthday. If you dig in the mud long enough you just might find a rock to hold onto. I'm still searching, pebbles so far. I haven't dried out my garments yet after the downpour, just now lighting a fire, taking off one wet sock at a time before I put myself back together again. I'm a giant unmade puzzle sitting in the dark. I still have so much to learn. I have so much that overwhelms me. Taking on one beautiful or tragic moment at a time.

Looping mirrors, my primary circuits, everything repeats and only the shape of my skull holds the tumbling wheel. New books and new people and new possibilities enter therein of late. It's all happened before...Except my hair can't cover my neck on all sides anymore, and I am vulnerable beside the gallows of so much more.

Watermarks. Tea tales. Infinite wormholes.

Walking in the rain

Features of this city

On the air to Miami

Inspiration awaits

The ruins I've been searching for

Places where trees meet the sea.

Imagine what they see every day they're living.

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