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Tayrona ♡  Mediocre multifandom edits 🦔

We love a glo up
cc acontium | ac plottwistaudios
I dont talk abt tyler enough but their reunion single handidly saved me

Shes the most underrated character to ever exist. I dont make the rules
cc oml.baddiesx | ac deadaudio
For anyone who loves her 💓
Hello yall so anyone who knows me knows that im joining the army well its happening Sunday which means i wont be as active anymore, ill still try and post/edit but itll be way less often than now and I probably wont be active on everyones else accounts/stories!

We stan
cc moonstonetric | ac/ ib m.oonbean
For Miles 💞
Thanks for the clips!
This is so simple i made a 3d thing but ae fucked up whatever its still cute
Tag her?

Na na bitch
ac audiosinsta | cc lavishgilbert
For Laura ofc been knew
Hello i love them so much they’re literally married

The shake it off video is basically a meme
cc acontium | ac northyde
This is a whole ass mess
This has no watermark bc who wants to steal this mess but yeah dont steal
This has so many glitches ae failed me

She loves to make an entrance
cc acontium | ac aquavirius
For Ashley
Ugh blake lively in suits really outsold

A soft lil honey bunch
cc moonstonetric
For Noam 💖
Hello idk what to say

Its crazy how much she loves us
ac klanceled| cc acontium
For Kath 💖
First time trying a cube its a lil fast but im proud

You cant tell me you’ve watched this and you’re still straight
ac klaroscoven | cc acontium
For Ash <3
Owns my ass number 626272

Loml number 127739
ac esotezciaudios | cc oml.baddiesx
For naddi ofc
Hey so this is exactly the same as my old acc just a fresh start

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