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Daddy || Editor || she/her  Call me whatever ENFP IND Awkward trash 🐭 Taken by food 🍕🍝🍔🍗💕💕 Don't just follow me, get to know me plz ;D


Here is my first actual post of 2018
Thank you for being patient asjskjs I LOVE YOU ALL
I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting :’)
School work have been hectic and I don’t have as much free time as I used to
I will try to post weekly, so please bear with me 💕 📸 cr: @mct_bambi 😂💗 Q: How’s 2018 so far?? 😩😂🔥 #copeditors #adminfriday #photography

Ft. V from BTS
QOTD: Would you spare time to say happy birthday to @farichafawnia :))))))))))
#copeditors #BTS #V #whatshisrealnameagain #Kim Taehyung #Korean #KPOP

The course of true love never did run smooth.
Q: How are you going to celebrate Christmas??
#JoeyGraceffa #copeditors #edit #lovequotes #edit #photoedit #picsart

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged cupid painted blind.
-William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
QOTD: Is the quote true?

#copeditors #Idontreallylikethiseditbutasjissjd #troyesivan #fall #teenvogue #lgbt

Say you’ll remember me
Even if I’m nothing more
Than a fleeting memory
Even if my heart stops beating
I will forever love you like you love me
Q: Name three things you hate

#copeditors #connorfranta #edit #love #pink #picture #picsart #phonto #youtube

Humans are always afraid of the darkness that is unknown to us. Its depth is as enchanting as it is full of mysteries. Something ethereal and curious can be found originating from the centre of the darkness. The glittering shine of small stars scattered along our path will guide us through the dark. They say the darkness is the absence of light. But to find light in this fallen world, we must first witness the darkness. We will never know what will become of us after we find the light. We might find ourselves the Treasure whose worth’s unknown. We might lose our mind and lose grip on our souls. But at least we die trying. —
Q: Afraid of the dark?
#copeditors #darkness #stars #edit #galaxy #thoughts

I just got a new phone and since my storage isn’t dying, I can EDIT AGAIN
Please look forward to my future edits!
Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O no! It is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken
Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle compass come:
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears out to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved. — William Shakespeare in Sonnet 116 —�-
Q: Do you believe in love? ❤️ —�-
#copeditors #williamshakespeare #love #sonnets #sonnet116

Hi!! My name's Alda
but people call me Aldaddy
I'm currently 15
My current hobby is to edit
As you may have observed I am female ♡
The person in the picture is meeeee
bcs I love me (and couldnt find a good render)
I'm good at everything but nothing at the same time :")
I'm hiding the antique of OTABEK ALTIN FROM YURI ON ICE ;)
QOTD: Where do you think the picture was taken? 😂
AOTD: It's in my priv acc
#Aldaddy aye #me #edit #copeditors

This edit was actually made 2 weeks ago but I haven't really felt like posting it sooo
Q: How's school treating you?
A: like shit man
#copeditors #haileesteinfeld #mostgirls

Going to finish the row first
Hailee Steinfeld is AMAZING
I love her new song but I feel like she could've included more diverse women
But overall it was great!
Q: can you do your own makeup?
A:heeeelll no
#copeditors #HaileeSteinfeld #MostGirls #Singers

Most girls are smart and strong and beautiful
Most girls work hard go far we are unstoppable
Hailee's new song Most Girl is really bOMB
Her songs scream body positivity to society who depicits that girls should be wearing tight dresses and heels to feel good
Some people do love wearing those and that's OK but don't tell others who prefer comfy clothes to wear tight dresses ----
Q: heels or flats?
A: depends on the occasion :p I love heels though
#copeditors #haileesteinfeld #MostGirls

I believe this row is complete :))
I will one day call it Troye Sivan Row Bc His Videos Are Aesthetic af
Q: favorite artist?
A: probably Troye or Halsey
#TroyeSivan #copeditors

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