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Tigo B  National Recording Artist 🎤 Carolina raised 🐏 🇺🇸 West African 🇸🇱

It’s a blessing I get to see another birthday. I’m grateful to have genuine people around me that love me. I’m grateful to have my health and a career that I love! Maaaannnn a nigga just grateful that I ain’t out here wanting for shit man 😂🙌🏿🙌🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿. Instead of just posting “happy bday” in the comments, tell me something you’re grateful for or tag a person you’re grateful to have in your life and let em smell the roses while they’re here. I’m dedicating this birthday to gratitude. I love all of y’all #Tribe

Everybody’s gifted. Everybody has genius level talent at something in life. Everybody’s special without question....your mama told you that you were special didn’t she? Your problem is you just aren’t believing what she said. You are where you are because you “believe” this is the best you can do at this moment. Want to change your circumstances? Then change your perspective and your beliefs and watch your thoughts turn to reality. Believe in yourself and watch your dreams come true. #MondayMotivation #Love #Tribe 📸: @spotrushaz_mgt

All that hating you doing is blocking ya blessings, trust me. 🤘🏿🧘🏿‍♂️💰🎤 #Tribe
📸: @spotrushaz_mgt

‼️‼️I’m always surprised when somebody walks up on me and tells me they’re a fan of my music! I need my supporters to do me a favor! Like this picture, and tell me what your favorite song is by me and why! Hell you can even tell me where you were the first time you heard my music! I really want to see who been rocking with tribe!!! Meet me in the comment section! All love #Tribe ‼️‼️ 📸: @spotrushaz_mgt

Rockstar Sh*t #Tribe

What if I told you it was ok to be yourself? #Tribe

Carving my own path... #Tribe

Effort begets results...excuses are for the incompetent #Tribe

First and foremost, I thank the creator everyday that I can get paid to do what I love! I started my music career in Greensboro and its so dope that I can come back to the city and rock a sold out event where the crowed knew EVERY word to my song. The feeling will forever be surreal. From the trap to the stage....what a blessing #Tribe 📸: @whitnewelly

Just SMACKED guilford college!!! S/O to the hometeam!!!! 🗣 #Tribe

‼️‼️ Momma I made it!!!! If you haven’t watched the video yet click the LINK IN MY BIO NOW‼️‼️‼️ #Tribe #CarolinaForever

If there’s one thing I’ve learned being out here on the road, it’s that nobody owes you shit! You get what you give! You eat what you kill! Nothing is given, everything is earned! 📸: @spotrushaz_mgt #Tribe

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