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Jay🚀  i like pokemon, records and some other things

Tried out the new Pokemon Go camera at this sweet spot earlier💀#pokemongo

Finally got to see @nothingnowhere last night and he put on the best show. Honestly one of my favourite artists ever and it was so great to see him after listening to his music pretty much everyday. Can’t wait to hopefully see them again next time they tour🖤🖤

Me with my second favourite Asian condiment (Sriracha will forever hold my heart)

I'm a few days late but check out my albums of the year for 2017! The pictures for my cover photo aren't all on the list so you'll have to see the list to see what I picked, the links in my bio!🖤


This look makes me feel like a cool skater but also like a 2006 emo and I love it🖤🖤

I was skating under this bridge earlier and I thought this might be a pretty cool shot

I had so much fun making the first post that I decided to make a second with a ton more releases! I spent all night making this so it'd mean the world if you checked it out🐯🐯🐯

I made another blog post today!! This one is really cool (I think anyway) and I made all the vinyl variant mockups myself, I plan to do more of these so stay tuned if you're interested (link is in my bio)👻👻👻

Yo I started a record/music blog today so check it out if you're interested! #vinyl #records #emo #poppunk #discogs #deadformat

I thought this looked really cool, set this out for a cover photo of a music/record blog I'm putting together so watch this space if you're interested #vinyl #deadformat #emo #poppunk #mooseblood #sticktoyourguns #hxc

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