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Fritha Quinn  Mum to Wilf and Mabli Kittiwake 👶👦 Wife to Tom. Multi award winning lifestyle blogger & Channel Mum vlogger 💁 Bristol📍new vlog 👇


#inspire - I know, I know it sounds super cheesy but these two have inspired me and continue to inspire me daily. I remember being worried when I was pregnant that it would mean I wouldn’t have time for ‘me’ that my interests would be left to way side and that I might feel lost in my tasks as a mother. In fact what happened was the inspiration and desire to do well for my children (and my family as a whole) gave me a drive I had never had before. Since becoming a mum I feel like I’ve discovered a new more determined part of me that I never knew I had before 💕 p.s that’s not to say it’s not hard or boring too sometimes, not trying to downplay that but they are wonderfully inspiring little humans even if I am a bit bias ☺️ #freeupmyinsta #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodtheoughinstagram

#lookup I used to never be interested in architecture until I got older and now I’m always on the hunt for a pretty building (or maybe IG made me do that??😂) my dad was in uni studying to be an architect when I was little and when he’d finished a project he would give the balsar wood models to me and my big brother to paint, I used to love that so much!
We would paint them pastel colours just like this and I would wonder why all houses weren’t beautiful colours and patterns #freeupmyinsta #tigerlillyquinntravels #igerslisbon

There’s something so therapeutic about buying and arranging flowers. Picking them out at the florist then popping them in a vase to display. Seeing them on my dining room table always brings a smile to my face too! I’m wearing the @theofficialpandora Essence Bracelet as well as the PANDORA stackable wish rings. Do you buy fresh flowers often or only for special occasions? #DOPANDORA #DOSeeTheWonderful #AD

I’ve been feeling a bit disheartened about these ‘ere sqaures. Putting too much value in how many number are shown under these pictures. I was wondering today if I would care as much if it wasnt so intertwinned in my life / my job.. but actually I think everyone seeks some kind of validation despite best intentions! I’ve not posted pictures I love because I know they dont do well and really thats a bit mad isnt it!
Looking forward to joining in with #freeupmyinsta again this week and caring a little less about ‘the grid’ 😂 anyway, I love this picture of my little gang from our trip away and if you want to watch a little video of our stay in Lisbon then you know where the link is 😘 anyone else feeling this way?
#liveauthentic #dresscolourfully #ourholidayinpictures #tigerlillyquinntravels #meandmineproject

This boy, he’s such a funny one. He got ‘proper’ (spelling) homework for the first time yesterday and this morning from 6.30am he’s just asked us constantly when he might be allowed to do it 😂 I needed a bit more caffeine before I was able to sit down with him though! We went on a little ‘me and him’ adventure on holiday and just walked around chatting, it’s so rare to get one on one time it reminded me how much we both need it 🦇 #bodenbyme (oh and new weekly video just gone live too 🎥)

Cannot tell you how happy I am it’s Friday and so looking forward to a chilled weekend. Seriously still getting over missing a full nights sleep. It’s crazy how important sleep is. Yesterday Tom dropped a crisp on the floor and his brain couldn’t even work out what happens next and just looked at it for like 5 minutes 😂😂 I’m pretty sure I still can’t make proper sentences! What have you got planned for the weekend? (P.S in other news the first part of our trip to Lisbon is on the blog) #tigerlillyquinntravels

‘I will never forget the moment they told me your heart stopped. Even though mine broke in that second, it strangely kept beating’ Thinking of everyone who has gone or is going through baby loss. It’s been almost 7 years since I first felt that pain (I am 24 & pregnant in this picture) All those hopes and all that love I had for the baby that never came #babylossawarenessweek #miscarriageawareness

When you actually have to wake your kids to get ready for the school run 😅 that’s a definite first around here. I think we are going to be pretty sleepy for a good while yet, thankful it’s almost the end of the week! (P.S a shot I took at a location house a few weeks ago, doesn’t it look so peaceful?) #thebrighthome

Three years later. No one I’d rather be stuck in an airport for 11 hours with 😂 also how cute is toddler Wilf 💔 you can click on the tag if you want to see anymore pics from our wedding #frithaandtomgethitched

Didn’t post yesterday as we were on a journey from hell with 11 hours at an airport (see stories) but I saw this & thought it was too good not to share 🙌 From the amazing @emilycoxhead #worldmentalhealthday #fromwhereistand #lookdown #itsokaynottobeokay

I can’t wait to share all my Lisbon photos (and to go back there for longer one day and take more!) 🚋 I do think possibly at least half of me is pastel de nata at this point though 🤣 #tigerlillyquinntravels

I love this picture of my littlest one ☺️💕 we are just off to fill ourselves up with waffles before hitting the pool. Can’t think of a better Monday morning to be honest. Yesterday we celebrated our three year wedding anniversary (a bit early as it’s actually the 11th but we had a nice meal so decided to toast it then) we got back to the room to put the kids to bed with the idea of sitting on our balcony afterwards and having a drink but I fell asleep with the kids at 8.30 😂 sorry Tom! Apparently I said in my sleep ‘yep I’ll be out in a minute’ 🤣 haha had the longest sleep as we all just woke up! Best anniversary present tbh!

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