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Science has forsaken me. My father lost his fight to cancer. The doctors and specialist said there was nothing more they could do and he was put into palliative care. Two days later, mother said he would not last the night. I arrived at the hospital disorientated but I found hope. An intern found me, a friend. She asked me what I was doing there. I told her I was looking for my father. Then there was that spark in her eyes. "If there is anything you need just ask" and she led the way. For the rest of her shift she checked up on us. She saved me. I checked my thinking and caught myself at a critical point. The doctors, specialist and nurses all around me had done all they could. They had not failed. Science had. These people had kept hope alive so that we may hope, so dad may hope. Why don't we know what cancer is? Why don't we have a cure? There are people who dedicate their lives to answering these questions. People dedicate their lives to helping those suffering. Even those beyond hope are keeping hope alive for others. It is not science that will find the answers but hope. Humanities greatest triumph will come from our love for one another, through our humility. It is the unsung heroes, those who keep hope alive that will win the day. From even the smallest of deeds a spark can start a flame and a fire will rise. As long as we keep loving each other, hope will always remain and we will win. "And so I am filled with gladness and my words are filled with joy. And I, mortal though I am, will rest assured in Hope. " I hope you are too. #FHL. #godblessdoctors #godblessnursesanddoctors #thankyoudad #hope #ilovepeople

If you take away pain then you take away fear. If you take away fear, you take away greed, jealousy, pride. How do you take away pain? With love.
Love is patient, love is kind. Love does not envy, is not boastful, is not conceited, does not act improperly, is not selfish, is not provoked, and does not keep a record of wrongs. Love finds no joy in unrighteousness but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
All you need is love. If we love others as much as we love ourselves then we can accomplish anything. How forgiving are we of ourselves? How much do we spoil ourselves? How much do we crave comfort? How much do we want forgiveness? Repented or otherwise?
If we extend this self love outwards then it will be returned. Love is eternal. We must learn to love unconditionally. To return love for wrong. To put others first. These things are hard to accomplish but once mastered unleashes the most powerful force imaginable. #FHL. #love #thoughts #spreadthelove

Our existence is not even a blink of an eye. Our part in time is fleeting. We are not even a fly speck in the universe. Our home circles an average size star, in a far flung solar system, in a spiral galaxy among billions in the universe. We huddle together around a flame, surrounded by the dark and we still have no choice in that. In our arrogance we boost we can control our lives, we try to feel important through possession, we manipulate to try and be remembered. It is all for nought. From dust we came an to dust we will return. It is all for nothing. Existence itself is quite remarkable. To exist is a gift. To be given life. To experience existence, even for a brief second. That is spectacular. That we exist is something we have in common. When we realize we only have this moment, that we have no possessions, that we are humbled by our small role in the bigger picture. Only then are we free to follow our dreams. Our lives are short. Live and let live. Love one another. Respect others right to live. In time we too will be forgotten as this age is forgotten. All we have is right now and each other. Make the most of it. #fhl #life #followyourdreams

Smiles with poppy. #redcar

Congrats Johnny. God bless you and your family. May joy, love and fortune fill your lives as you change the lives of others.

Special op teams to retrieve hamper baskets in shipping containers, night trips to loading bays, bulk shopping and one wedding proposal = 500 hampers. Best year yet! Thanks to everyone for their efforts and support. #christmascare #congratsandre #500hampers

Heading upstream to the old campsite. #bellingenadventures #ray

Tides out but still has it's old glory #nostalgia #bellingenadventures

Hello old friend. Any old magic?
#bellingenadventures #surfsafarai2000

Bye bellingen. See you again soon. #ontheroadagain #bellingenadventures

Thx belligen. You're a true gem. #belligenadventures

Thx @mishdotcom It's that time again. Show some you really care this Christmas. This year we are being involved on the sunny coast and bris. Lend a hand. Donate or nominate. Let's make this a Christmas to remember! #christmascare

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