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Tiffany Tuttle  is attempting to be relevant.

Something I did ✌️

πŸš—+🍩+🌭+πŸ‘‘+⚑️+🎈+☯️. The letter is from Madonna to her friend while she was at U of M. Talking about being bored and wanting to head to NY, "I'll probably be shoveling shit off of sidewalks, but I can't take this easy slow paced living." Hot and bothered women are a force❣️

37! Jeff once asked me if classy Hillbillies were a thing, like "HillWilliams." Not sure, but if there is, then we are. *This things I believe.* HBD JDT 🐾

πŸ’ŽBeignets and Baches πŸ’Ž

Asked Felix for his autograph. I love these kids!

Best friend turned 40. I love my sister! #sweetD

Don't hate me for posting this, guys. I love my animal pals so much.

As a woman, and a monkey, I object.

@former.co @former.co @former.co @former.co @former.co @former.co @former.co So much love for these people and this company. Thanks for the awesome party @former.co & future perfect! #BestBudz

Lit πŸ”₯πŸŽƒπŸ”₯πŸŽƒπŸ”₯

Friends sharing the stage together again. Tuttle back in DEP action! Thank you @dillingerescapeplan // Dillinger Escape Fam ⚑️❀️

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