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Tiffany Joh  @lpga_tour pro, team @Golf4Her_LLC & @maderasGolf, unapologetic sloth lover, future unicorn rider (if vision boards work), ocean splasher, pun artist

I picked up surfing almost six years ago. I was coming straight off my worst season on the @lpga_tour, one where I lost my tour card and had to face the reality of going back to Q-school. I wanted a break from golf and booking a beginner’s surf retreat in Central America was the perfect respite I needed before starting the grind to re-qualify. In retrospect, losing my tour card was just a speed bump in my career, but in the process I picked up a hobby that, now, I can’t imagine my life without. “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” -Dalai Lama

The surf has been wet. #JohsSwellReport (🦅: @rszot)

Bunker game: 💯🔥

“Swell”come Home ❤️ Off-weeks in the Whale’s VJJ // 🚁: @rszot

Leave it better than you found it. #LittleGirlsBigDreams #IWas3ProseccosDeep #RoleModel😂

If the weekend was a golf swing. #DemotivationalMonday #AlwaysMissAMonday #MondaysSuck

Adulting (v): to carry out one or more of the duties and responsibilities expected of fully developed individuals (paying off that credit card debt, settling beef without blasting social media, PUTTING ON PANTS etc). Exclusively used by those who adult less than 20% of the time. Ex: “Finally changed out of my sweatpants. Adulting is hard.”

I gotta admit, Venice is not my favorite city. I find myself playing frogger to get across the bridges without getting clotheslined by selfie sticks; but every once in a while, you get lost following an Asian tourist group by accident (true story), and you get three minutes of this👆🏻all to yourself. #EnjoyTheRestNotes

Huge props to @giulia.sergas for putting together a super successful @womenvsmengolf event. I had the privilege of spending a few days at her home before the event, hanging with her friends and family, exploring her town, and witnessing firsthand how much her people love and support her and vice versa. This place is so beautiful, kind, and generous; it’s no surprise that she turned out to be such a beautiful, kind, and generous person. Giuls, thanks so much for the invitation and I’m sorry I ate all your food. #SpritzTime

Who run the world? #WomenVsMen #BattleOfTheSexes

So blown away and honored to be playing alongside these strong, badass women this week. @giulia.sergas @dianalunagolf

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