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Tiffany Onwudinanti  girl with a 📷 in one hand and a 🎹 in the other // Jesus Christ is No.☝🏾& has my ♥️ 🎛music maker 📸document

"document, document, document" something @garyvee has been saying, as well as a fellow friend. •Creating content is in the now, and today I'm taking that step. I wasn't at all comfortable doing this, but that's the whole point; I have to be stretched in order to grow. •just made my first video, explaining how I'm going to "Show my Work" (read @austinkleon 's book, and you'll get it 😉🤓) link in the bio 👆🏾

First time in NYC. Definitely won't be my last 😉

🙈 I can't thank the big bro @lakeyinspired for this MPK (cue the happy~ugly cry) 😭
Always wanted this little guy, so I could be able to create while on the go. You my friend are the best. Definitely going to be creating and documenting (be expecting y'all 😉// click my name to see the full picture 🙈) ! Keep killin' the game homie 🙌🏾🎶😋



🌿 //


📱 //

Had the opportunity and privilege of getting to play alongside other dope musicians and singers on @jrhodan debut EP, Each Sold $eparately . The big bro right here put his heart, soul, and sweat into crafting this final product. What really stands out about this project is the undeniable truth and wisdom that is spoken throughout. Had me in awe when I got to listen to it. Sooooo what are you waiting foooor? The EP is live on Apple Music/iTunes. 👈🏾 *wink wink you'll here ya girl here playing on tracks 3, 4, and 6 laying down the 🎹's wink wink 😉*

this is from my story, but just playing this melody on the 🎹 had my heart flushed. Thanking God everyday for the gift of music and the lovely things it can do ✨

C A L L I N G A L L 👇🏾
•producers •songwriters
•musicians •etc. // your girl has been in the studio cooking up something sweet 😉😏 now all I need is YOU to add the toppings (idk why I'm using food as an analogy 😂)! I'm looking to cross-collab with people who are also in love with this amazing thing we call music 🎼 . Drop a line to my email: and let's create something fiiiirrrrrrreeee

can I do some wonders to your ears for a few moments? 😉🌹 finished this song (link in my bio) called "I'm All In." Make sure you have both earbuds in. I do a little magic here and there ✨

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