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Tiffany Davidovich 

Baby jack! 👶💙

Lacey was mad , not wanting to go to bed, and wanted to show is who's boss by laying on the floor , 30 seconds later she's out! Hahaha

Watching me eat a sandwich and making me feel so bad! Lol

Lacey decorated tianas face earlier tonight, lol!

Mommy, I want these jammies, not tiana! What a kid!

My big girl all happy eating her noodles, lol easily pleased I guess!

Caught in the middle of singing to her tink movie!

Snuggling under the blankies with momma!

Somebody decided mommy and the girls weren't crowded enough in the bed!

Somebody decided mommy, Lacey and tiana weren't crowded enough in bed , lol

Lacey's puppy she insisted on naming "baby jaguar "

Being silly at lunchtime!

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