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Tiffany Alvord 🌻  Have courage & be kind! 💕 💥 My new music video, “Just Another Love Song” is out now!!! Check it out! 🤗❤️👇 (link below)

😘💃 Meee doing a Happy Dance bc my “Just Another Love Song” music video is out!! 😭🥰 // link in bio //
I wrote this song about 2 years ago so the fact that you guys can stream AND watch it, something that didn’t exist BEFORE but now does, makes me beyond happy! EEEP! 🤗🙈 Watch the music video now - link in bio!! 🎶😘 (p.s. this was my fav look from the video) hehe
💭QOTD: what was your fav thing to do as a kid? I loved going to the skate park 🛹😊
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Before vs after! #transformation -
🎶 GUYS MY NEW MUSIC VIDEO JUST DROPPED! “Just Another Love Song” is one of my favs because of the simplicity + nostalgia! 🥰 I wanted to create a video that equally matched that feeling! In this case it’s the classic story of two lovers finding their way back to each other, aww! 🙈 It’d mean the world if you check it out!! // link in bio // 🤗Comment a “❤️” once you’ve seen it! #newmusic #originalsong -
Filmed by: @spirinityproductions
Pictures by: @kristin.r.evans
Actor: @nathanballard135
Younger Us’s: MaKenzie Locke & Sam Houser ❤️

It’s not about “always being happy”. You don’t always have to have it together. 👌 It’s just about being honest, with yourself and others; that way you don’t have to walk alone. ❤️ 💭 Which pic is your fav? I like 3 cause it’s moody 😏 but you guys always like the smiley ones!
Here’s some pictures.. where normally I’d add a happy caption, however in reality I’ve been feeling heavy and a bit sad. It hits me more and more how temporary life is. Anytime there is loss (friends, loved ones, people I know, or even strangers) it takes me a second to let it sync in.. where I’m at and if I’m prioritizing what’s important. ✨ I know It’s not a fear or state of mind I live in, however sometimes when I reflect, I’m just like Geesh 😳 life is bizarre, HOW AM I EVEN HERE!?! and it overwhelms me cause I feel I can never truly comprehend being human; I’m this tiny dot in this vast galaxy in the universe.. BUT what I feel, is that God’s love is so big and we’re never alone even if we don’t understand the complexities of what life even is.. 🤔 That’s all. ❤️ I love you guys! #thursdaythought #overwhelmed #perplexed
📸: @dannyrozenblit

Ahhh! Guys, I can't wait for you to see my music video for “Just Another Love Song!” ❤️ It's out in 2 days!! 4/20 // Subscribe here to see it first: - link in bio 😘// #JustAnotherLoveSong #Tiffanatics #Spotify
(Production by @spirinityproductions)

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT 🙈 I’m EXPECTING!!! —> To release my next music video THIS Saturday 4/20 - 10am PST 😜 -
💥 lol, this just happened to be a poorly timed photo with wind ft. my #foodbaby. Howeverrrr let’s just take a sec to appreciate the idea of me becoming a mom one day 😍❤️🤗 hehe (not yet of course lol)
💭QOTD: did you believe this for a second!? 😅 p.s. save the date! 4/20 😘
📸: @spirinityproductions
HMU: @kristin.r.evans

👉 When you’re FIERCE; when you shush the lies in your head that say you’re not enough. When you actually believe in yourself. NOW THAT’S BREAKTHROUGH. 👊 -

All I’m trying to say is.. be a BOSS —> which is to: Be bold. Be brave. Be you. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. Because you deserve to feel excited and to be proud, of who you are and your opinions and your ideas. You’re valuable and you’re enough. 👊
📸: @bringoutthegold
#OOTD: @jazminwhitley

When you start seeing your worth, you’ll find it harder to stay around people who don’t. ❤️👌
don’t know why but the sky in this reminds me of how teletubbies starts and I’m just waiting for the giggling baby in the sun to pop out 😂😂😂

Instagram vs. reality 🤪 -
💭 #QOTD: what’s your sign? I’m a Sagittarius ♐️ -
P.S. new video is up and it’s probably the most “me” video in the sense you get to know me! 🙈#coachilla So check it out!! 😘 // link in bio // ❤️

Swipe feature: *to post 1 or 2 pics*
Me: *posts whole camera roll* woops 😅😜 which is your fav? 🤣 -
// GUYS I just posted a new video - PREPARING FOR COACHILLA! - link in bio // LET ME JUST SAY - you will see me & my humor REALLL QUICK ❤️ -
Also this is from #coachella last year! Never posted pics sooo hi 🙌 thanks @dannyrozenblit 👊

🌻 Happiness is like perfume - you can’t spray it on others without getting some on yourself 😘❤️ p.s. which pic, 1 or 2!? #adelainextarte
💭 QOTD: what are things you do that make you feel MOST YOU?! 🤔 - I got asked this the other day and it really made me think.. because when I feel sad, & reflect to see if I do any of the things that make me truly feel alive and ME. So I made a list: writing songs, hiking, playing tennis, family time, chillin’ in the park, getting out of my head of all the things I “need to do” and just “being” in the moment, making time for my spirit & God..
From this I realized when I feel overwhelmed and anxious there is a correlation to me not planning or making time for the things that make me feel carefree and happy. These things create a deeper rooted sense of self, at least for me, thoughts? Anyone else feel that? 🤷‍♀️ #thoughtoftheday #reflection #introspection #wordsofwisdom

Guys!! My new song, “Just Another Love Song” is OUT NOW EVERYWHERE! ❤️ // link in bio // -
If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I just enjoy playing a good acoustic love song. Anyways, this one is one of my faves 🎶 Enjoy & stream! I love you guys!!! ❤️

❤️ Remember to take time for yourself every once in a while!! #selfcare ..sadly it’s not always on a tropical beach 🤪 #throwback -
💭 QOTD: what do you do to take care of yourself/relax? I like to read, write songs, & do face masks. ❤️

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