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If she’s amazing, she won’t be easy,
If she’s easy, she won’t be amazing,
If she’s worth it, you won’t give up,
If you give up, you’re not worthy,
... truth is everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for 💝 #bobmarley
Wearing @runawaythelabel

Searching for the rabbit hole 🐰 This dress gives me all the Alice in Wonderland feels! Amiright?!
It was such a fun day hunting for marigold fields with my girl @christinagalbato then sweating bullets in the sun getting these shots. Pretty sure you can see a giant sweat patch on my ass in the second pic 😅
Dress from @velvetthelabel 👗

Having a Marilyn Monroe moment courtesy of this powerful waterfall 💨
There are soooooo many quotes of Marilyn’s that I love, but one of my favourites is, “give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world.” I’m usually wearing sneakers 🤷🏼‍♀️ What’s your favourite Marilyn quote?
📸 @eyesofanomad edit by me

What’s better than one topless girl in a hammock gazing into the distance? Three! Could not leave @camayabali without getting a pic in this epic spot🌴Talk about a view! The hammock is perfectly safe but hopefully you’re not scared of heights!
Shot 📸 @eyesofanomad edit by me (check my story for the before and after).

Lombok needs your help! If you saw my stories today I spoke about the devastation to Bali’s neighbouring Island, Lombok, after experiencing a series of earthquakes this past week.
They had another 6.4 tremor today! Nearing 400 dead and thousands of homes destroyed, they have no power and no water and are in desperate need of assistance.
The Indonesian Government has yet to declare it a National Disaster which means there has been no government funding and no foreign aid being sent to the Island! There are several charity organisations heading up the relief effort (tagged in my image) and I’m doing my small part to help raise awareness of the much needed aid by asking you to donate to one of these charities.
I’ve put a link in my bio to a go fund me account that I promise is going to the right place.
For those who are here in Bali, there are drop off locations for much needed blankets, clothing, food, and first aid supplies, one such location is @f45_training_seminyak every bit helps! There is also a fundraiser event happening tomorrow night @labrisabali with all profits going towards helping Lombok so join me there! We CAN make a difference.

Good people attract good people and these ladies are the best. My Bali crew 💕Let’s have a repeat @mrssippybali pool day soon! 🐥💦
📸 @eyesofanomad edit by me

Reow! 🐆
If I were to go to @sunnysideupfest this weekend (and that’s a big IF given the not so sunny weather we’ve been having...) then I would probably wear something like this (so no one has to see my face and I can walk into trees🌴) @mimpimannis .
Shot by @eyesofanomad at @camayabali edit by me.

I had the opportunity to stay at the famous Hideout in their newest edition @hideoutbeehive 🐝
It was bee-utiful, I couldn’t bee-lieve it, I’m still buzzing! Haha 🤪 but really it was so nice to get out to the jungle, surrounded by nature and fall asleep to the sound of a running stream. The architecture of bamboo structures continues to blow my mind!
Drone pic by @motivate edit by me.

Life is too precious to waste doing anything less than what makes you happy 😘
Shot @themuliaresort by @eyesofanomad edit by me

What if I don’t want my milkshakes to bring all the boys to my yard? I like milkshakes, I ain’t sharing! 😜⠀
📸 @shotbyemilio edited by me

I had my doubts about our ability to get a good photo here because the lighting wasn’t great and the bath had handrails all around it (which I’ve edited out) but @christinagalbato convinced me to order the flower bath and see what we could do. I think it came out pretty well! What do you think?!
P.s. that clear skin is thanks to @maaemo_organic 💖

When @eyesofanomad tells you he has a shot in mind, you don’t question him, you just go! Another banger buddy, you da best 🙌🏼📸 So much great content to come from our amazing stay @camayabali 🌴 This could just be my favourite bamboo stay to date!

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