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Tiffaney  She was here on earth to grasp the meaning of its wild enchantment, and to call each thing by its right name. By its right name. -Boris Pasternak


Took my best girl out for a ladies treat. We had fun #avamayva

When I was younger, I had 2 significant musical influences. The music that goes into your soul and stays. @cranberriesofficial was one of them. Dolores O’Riordan was someone I looked up to. I knew every song. I played their albums on repeat. I could never ever do her voice justice... but I’m not going to lie. I shed some tears tonight while playing this song. She was a legend and she will be missed by me.(full version on Facebook) #thecranberries

Thanks friends for encouraging me during the live feed! I COMPLETELY geeked out during this song. I went live though so you could get a glimpse into my workout real time. @tracyandersonmethod has been my trainer for 9 years now... and if there is one thing she has drilled into her students it’s this- PERFORMANCE is everything. Tapping deep into that place inside that hurts, has joy, is sad, hidden... that place is what needs to be released. Performers move people because they know how to use their voices and bodies to move the people listening or watching them. We all have it somewhere. It may not look professional, but it’s there. For you to get the results @tracyandersonmethod is after (balance physically mentally and spiritually,) you need to tap into that place. Practice dancing through the method and movement. Practice singing or closing your eyes while you do each rep go deep inside and tap into the place you don’t want anyone else to see. That’s where the magic is. #tamily #tracyandersonmethod #tracyanderson

A heart so black
That woman’s so scorned
But it’s tough as leather
It can never be torn

I’m seriously obsessed with this class! It’s so good! I’m ridiculously sore! And I snapped a little video of what happened when I opened my kendo after class. It was so hot in here and so cold out there, you can see the steam move with the wind! It’s like my room is taking a big sigh of relief 😉 #tamily #tracyandersonmethod #tracyanderson

@gippersmith I think I win 😂 WTF?!?! 😂😂😳😳

Dear James... the day I found out I was pregnant with you, I knew I would die to protect you. I would do anything I could do keep you safe. The day you were born, I knew you were sent to protect me. To change me. “My wild flower, showing up wherever beauty’s lost its way.” You saved me. You save me every day. You’re my gift. You’re stoic. A born protector. A lover and an advocate of justice. You’re smart. You’re giving. You’re intense and funny. I don’t know how God could have chosen me to be your mama because it was clear from the second I looked into your eyes, I needed you more than you needed me. 12 years of being your Mother is more than I could ever deserve. Watching you become a man is astounding. I love you, my sweet boy. Happy Birthday. #jamesymamesy

Oh. My. GOSH!!!!! I was all set to do the old classes and how wonderful it was to see the new classes up! It is FANTASTIC! The arms, the legs. All of it! I did master and Beginner and my room got so hot from the energy, I had to open the door. It’s so GOOD!!! @tracyandersonmethod I LOVE this week! And of course I love when @ladygaga plays... my inner dirty monster comes out! #tamily #tracyandersonmethod #tracyanderson

Ok maybe it’s a little weird to quote Snoop Dog on an essential oils post... but when I heard Blue Tansy was back, that’s immediately where my mind went because this oil is BAD 🍑! Blue Tansy is ridiculous for anti-aging. It’s hydrating, soothing, but also a power exfoliant and antibacterial agent. Apply it to your skin after you cleans and tone and watch the magic happen! Not only that, but it’s got sedative properties which makes it perfect for diffusing at night. It’s calming to the nervous system and balances energy. Remember that just because it’s relaxing doesn’t mean youll fall over dead if you use it in your morning skin routine. Oils are smart and know where to go and how to work based off the body’s needs! So I’m just gonna nick name the Snoop Dog of oils because it’s gangsta... and it’s BACK after being gone for YEARS! GO GRAB ONE NOW!! (Available on Essential Rewards only).

I started as a Christian Singer. Then moved into folk... and then an awesome team formed full of extremely talented musicians and vocalists, and I am putting my feet in the waters of pop. I’m so excited to be writing music and collaborating with such an awesome group of people... we are in the very beginning stages and there is still so much work to do, but when it’s done, it will be one of the greatest things I’ve been able to be part of! READY SET GO! AND DONT PAUSE! #dontpausesingle #thestrayscouts #musician #popmusic

We love French Fries! @carson.d.peters

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