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Tiffaney  Passion for health and fitness; foodie;mom of 2; fitness coaching; "real life" enthusiast! Young living essential oils educator! I love Jesus.


Available NOW!!! Don't wait! Labels brush set, all natural! Go girls! Best brushes EVER!!!! #withlovefromcreation

Diffusing En R Gee. Essential oils 😍 such a beautiful way to enhance a home atmosphere. Good music, good scents that don't involve carcinogens or toxins... just lovely energy. Life is so much better with these! #withlovefromcreation

These went out of stock FAST after their release and wee been waiting for them to come back! Don't wait! Order today because they will go out of stock again! Get ready !!!!!!!! ONE per account !! I hear Today they will be back!!!! How many of you have bought a brush set, only to stare it down 5 years later and realize that 1 if not 2 of the 5 in your set were worthless and served no purpose

But here you have them nonetheless, forced into their useless purchase because 1 or 2 brushes in the set WERE necessary?

No savvy woman should have to experience such frustration.
Enter Savvy Minerals by Young Living where Melissa said "hey girl, I got your back and your cheek!" 5 brushes that ALL serve a purpose.
They feel like a flutter of angels all over the the skin. No joke!
This collection is designed to have all the necessary brushes for a basic makeup application face. No brush in this set will ever be left behind!

The bag..... OMG, Kelsi at YL sought out the PERFECT most GORGEOUS bag for this. It's a clutch, portfolio, not your average bag, brush case? Its stunning.
They are made in Italy (by angels is questionable but I think so personally🤣) and they are the most luxurious feeling brushes, EVAH.

#nobrushleftbehind #moveovercoco #finestitalianangels

This workout was a serious check in with myself. I spent the weekend with my sweet friend @rvalove and I knew these things: there would be a lot of food. Here would be a lot of wine/beer. There would be a lot of sun and there would be a TON of fun. And so it was. On my drive home I kept debating between working out or stoping at Wendy's, shoving my face full of a cheeseburger and fries and taking a nap because truth be told, I was EXHAUSTED. The other option was this workout. There are times when the body and mind actually does need rest. I often see people push through exhaustion because they "have to workout," but really... what they needed was legitimate rest of mine mind body and soul. I am the first to tell you a workout relieves so much stress and makes me so happy... but I am also the first to encourage someone to REALLY rest and come back stronger. The body actually benefits from true rest when it needs it. So here's how I decided if I needed the rest or needed to just move. 1. I got over 8 hours of sleep last night. 2. I had A LOT of food and my body was in major digestion overload. 3. I didn't workout yesterday and laid around all day long. So I took a shot of Ningxia Nitro for cognitive boost and hit the mat. And you know what happened... I got energy. Enough energy to even do beginners after master and FLY through it. Now I'll take a bath, and relax the rest of the day. Balance applies to all areas and true balance is knowing when it's time to just REST... and when it's time to push. #tamily #tracyanderson #tracyandersonmethod #tamilyshares

I didn't grow up living with my little brother. And throughout the years we would go years without seeing each other for various reasons. We are 7 years apart, didn't keep in contact with each other... but I always missed him. When my dad died, we were able to spend a week together getting to know each other again and connecting. We both play music, we both are emotional, honest, and don't like to pretend. I looked down at his hand while we were playing the guitar one night and said "WHEN DID YOU GET THAT?!?" He said, "I don't know... a few years ago..." I was taking about his tattoo. When I showed him my foot and the EXACT same tattoo... we were both pretty astonished. Neither of has known the other had it. We got years apart... but it makes me so happy that we share this mark... I can't help but think it bonded us together somehow. #sibling

I've been sitting by the pool all day with these people and ALL the boys are talking about are essential oils. "Thieves took my soar throats away" "Lemongrass is my favorite" "Mandy always has the bedroom smelling like lavender." "Man you gotta try that citrus shit in your beer." "Did ya put some oil on you after you got bit?" #realmenuseoils

#girls and the photobombing Sam. @rvalove

These girls 😍😍😍 @rvalove

I've been working out with this gorgeous beauty for over a year now. She's very rarely on the same timing as @tracyandersonmethod... but that is such a wonderful representation of her and why I love her so much. She marches to the beat of her own drum, encourages everyone to March to their own too... but I don't think she knows how much it makes everyone want to march to her. Lovryou @rvalove I love having you as one of my very best friends ❤️❤️❤️ #twinningwinning #tracyandersonmethod #tracyanderson #tamily #tamilyshares

Worked out with @rvalove today. Always a good time. #tamily #tamilyshares #tracyandersonmethod #tracyanderson

TWINNING with my girl @rvalove #tamily

Made t to visit my love. @rvalove

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