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Boluwatife Oladipupo  Learning the unforced rhythms of grace Founder @besthomesng Finance & Strategy Aficionado

👉Alert👉: The devil has got no nails! NO NAILS.

Live fully.
Receive God's forgiveness.
Forgive yourself.

Good egg? Bad egg? Regrann from @besthomesng - Awesome Afternoon to you Instafam.

We're quoting an amazing "Marriage Authority" who has preached profoundly on the subject of marriage - Dr Myles Munroe of blessed memory😇😇😇. "Marriage is like an omelet, its only as good as the eggs". This message is an wholesome illustration on marriage.

When you make an omelet -one good egg and one bad egg, it doesn't matter if there was a good egg, the Omelet is BAD. Who would eat a bad omelet?😪😪😪🚶🚶🚶_______________ Hey Single? What kind of egg are you going to be in your marriage? A good egg or bad egg? You can still be a good egg now before you make a bad omelet!

Hey Married? Have you been the bad egg in your marriage? The good news is that God can turnaround a bad omelet as long as One egg is determined to be better.💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃. Miracle worker! That's who HE is.🙌🙌🙌 Would you want to invest in being a good egg 🙋🙋🙋or you want to keep being the bad egg? 🏃🏃🏃.______ Who remembers the title of this message by Dr Myles Munroe? Hurry to the comment section👇😀😀😀 Shout out to all the good eggs✌✌✌. Tag them if you know them.

#BadEggBadOmelet #GoodEggsGoodOmelet #BeDeterminedToBeAGoodEgg #YouCanBeBetter #MakeGoodOmelets #WholesomeMarriages #BestHomes #HomeGodsWay #BestHomesNG - #regrann

Incredibly blessed with the best! I celebrate and love my amazing mothers who birth @theisaacola and I physically and still birth us in prayers. @boladale2016 @florenceoluwasuji.

Happy Mothers day to every mother and mother-to-be.

Light and love!💖💖

Thank you PDDK! @deboladejikurunmi - Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s #PressforProgress
My big Word for women today is to Stop Seeking Permission to fulfill your Mission! Your mission is your business, what others think of you is their business!!✌️💝
Can I challenge you to 5 little things women don’t do enough , but can significantly impact your outcomes, as you press for progress.
1. Collaborate. Find sisters of a similar season, comrades of a common calling, partners of a powerful purpose and girlfriends of the go-getter gang. Find them! You must embark on that treasure hunt. Find them! Social media is the new world power, leverage it. Those women who are smashing their big goals are just like you. Get the help you need! Speak up! Don’t ride solo! It’s your time!
2. Tell your stories well! If you’re doing great work, call the entire city to join you. Don’t do it for personal glory but so that you can give light and hope to the next generation; showing them a higher reason to live for. Tell your story, share your good work, document your journey and report the successes of your vision. Some will snigger but you are the trigger for the next generation!!
3. Sit at the Table. Stop feeling like you’re a fraud about to be found out. Stop wondering if you’re good enough. Stop shortchanging yourself. Negotiate upwards. Do incredibly good work and demand the value you’re worth. Stand to be counted and when you step into the boardroom, come with all the guts and gusto you’ve got!😉💝✌️
4. Reward yourself. You work so hard, give so much, and rest so little! Why? Because you feel you owe your loved ones everything and you ‘cant afford to fail?’ Oh please!!! You’re not going to fail. You were intricately wired to succeed, and it will take you another decade to know that things are not many times as serious as you think, and your definitions of success may be very immature. Kill the pressure, not good for your soul!! Have fun, relax, see the world, create your own luxury and experience happiness.
5. Invest in learning. Read voraciously. Attend alternative schools. Be mentored. Question everything. Stay awake thinking. Ventilate your mind. Be a Resource

Every woman, irrespective of her background or circumstances, deserves the priviledge to nurture the seed inside of her. There is no limit to what women can accomplish.

Here’s to Phenomenal women making a real difference. Happy #InternationalWomensDay!

Tag a woman that inspires you 😊

Some truth on @besthomesng. I invite you to follow the page. It gets better and hotter there. Glory to Jesus!!!! Regrann from @besthomesng - Hi Instafam!

Where are the Men????💪💪💪 Hey man! You'll never be great groom to your wife except you're first a great bride to Jesus.

Oh yeah, you heard that right. You've gotta be a Great Bride first before you can be a Great Groom.

You are the Bride of Christ and you need to be "HIS" before you can be "hers". HE's the master planner and originator of your marriage. HE's got the road map.

You have to fall in love with JESUS yourself before you can indeed fall in love with her.
You know why? Cos HE is LOVE

So tell me how you can fall in love without knowing LOVE?

Tell me how you can give true love without experiencing TRUE LOVE?

Tag all the men that needs to read this.

Tag all the Great Brides of Christ (Men) you know.

Have a splendid night.

Light & Love from #BestHomes

#BrideOfChrist #BrideBeforeGroom #FallInLoveWithJesusFirst #PowerMan #HesTheMasterPlanner #TheOriginator #GreatBrideGreatGroom #MenFollowingJesus #Marriage #Relationship #BestHomesNG #Love #Men #Husband #Bride - #regrann

Here's to a miraculous week.

Remember - in your waiting, He is working.

You shouldn't see my workspace or bag or car when I want to get it uber-uber extra tidy, I scatter it thoroughly 😢and then the "after" is always superb🐩😂💕! That's how sometimes God rearranges our lives and makes it way better than before. God never gives us more than we can handle, when it looks like it's beyond us - that's when He wants us to realise He is the one in charge and not our mere selves. He helps us handle where we are.

Walk in sunshine! No one loses walking with God and following His every precept.

PS: I seriously need a photoshoot, any recommendations?

The day is still young, you've still got abour an hour 30minutes. Remember, discount ends today, 3rd of March. Regrann from @immersecoaching - Registration for IMMERSE 30 day Transformation Challenge officially closed yesterday!
So many amazing women have taken the first journey into self-discovery, and we can't wait to see them after next 30 days!
We are in such a giving mood and we want to see more women join this Batch 9 therefore, we are having a weekend giveaway discount for 20 women only!
Amazing right?! __________________
All you have to do is
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Giveaway expires Today 3rd of March 2018.
We look forward to your comments ❤
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Happy New Month fam!

The month is starting on an excellent note and I pray it will be your best month yet in Jesus name.p

Team Adejumo will be taking over @besthomesng Instagram page live by 8pm Nigerian time. Please join in. Scroll left to see other time zones. It'll be well worth it.

Regrann from @besthomesng - He seems like the one, But???? Deal or No deal!? This hangout will be insightful as the delectable and worded Team Adejumo (@gbemigafadejumo and @tolulope_solutions) will discuss "Choosing a Life Partner: deal breakers and deal makers" 8pm WAT (please swipe left to see other time zones). Our 'about-to-be married' or preparing "to be" the right person/ preparing"for" the right time/person audience, where are you at?

This is a special hangout for you. Please tag every friend you think should be a part of this. They would love you more for it.

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At a point in my life, I almost couldn't correlate the huge assignments I knew were placed in my hands with who I was. I wanted more, something deeper. I needed to explore myself more and then IMMERSE 30-Day Transformational Challenge came just timely. The impact? Story for another day.

Immerse isn't for just any woman; it isn't for a complacent woman. It's for the women who are ready to let go of the good for the great. You get to walk with an assigned certified coach who would allow you be you whilst launching a higher version of you.

It was an eye-opening course for me as I left intoxicated with a clearer, grander discovery of a brand new me (more like awakening the sleeping giant in me). Let me warn though: you would cry, laugh and reason all at once. If you're allergic to greatness, please don't enrol.

If you're yet to register for immerse, do so right away as the next batch commences 5th of March.
See link in @immersecoaching bio.
Thank me now 😁👍because you'd be too engaged living your best life afterwards.

Regrann from @immersecoaching - There is a HIGHER version of yourself ready to be released, and
IMMERSE 30-Day Transformational Challenge will help you LAUNCH her! ~
A month-long ONLINE course for women seeking DEEP Self-Rediscovery, Personal Clarity, Soul Healing, and Life Goals Execution.
This is how you get serious about FINDING yourself, REDISCOVERING your inner agility, RESHAPING your thinking, and TAKE FLIGHT with your long standing dreams! ~
Join @deboladejikurunmi and get ready to answer 20 POWER QUESTIONS on the Most Important aspects of your life! It will be rigorous, intense, engaging and painfully truthful! ~
Almost 600 women have graduated since 2014 with amazing transformation stories (check our page to read them). ~
Women tag your Women, Sisters, Friends and Go-Getter babes ~
Batch 9 Opens on Monday 5th March 2018. - #regrann

God is the foundation for living.

Not God @ the margins;
Not God as an option;
Not God on the weekends;


GOD first and last!

Have a phenomenal week.

#MuchLove #MemoryMonday #PrewedPicture #MessageTranslationInspired #IntroductionToGenesis #AndThatMakeUp🤣

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