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Freddy Cruz  Kissed my first girl in '97


The sky was purple like prince in that one purple jacket☂️

She found out her worth and added tax🌺

She asked me where I was from... check the location mama🌺

I remember when I first met you...
You had a man so @jay_el_boog told me to kick back, so I stayed quiet and played my part. Time went by and you finally gave in and here we are. Love you Rebecca cause you’re a straight rose from the pavement🌹you have one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met and don’t you let anyone take that from you mama❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day!

Best part of 2017 was you🌺

Your bathroom got views like this? I think not breh

Victory Lap in the works...

I big thank you to this guy for the tag today🎨 #SPAZ where you at breh

I used to look up to you until I found out that Rolex was a fake...

Education doesn’t come free

I’m a Libra and everything the boy Loves is expensive🌺

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