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let's run to a forest 🌾  homeland: australia πŸŒ»πŸŒ™ 16, old soul, vegan listen to my stories, don't be frightened


morning! Who's just woken up or who's just going to bed? 🌻

my other home away from home, Italy (my grandparents are from Abruzzo) 🌹 thanks for the love on my last post + back to school tomorrow (*yells quietly*) 🌻 hoping for a good term and lots of sleep and lots of food πŸŒ• hope you're all doing well 🌾

Photo by @aaronyabes / I remember pouring over antarctic maps as a child, tracing my fingers around its borders, i remember losing myself in books on snow leopards, mountain bears, ocelots deep in the jungle. i even remember the sound of attenborough's voice as he told me stories of lands as a child from a lonely island at the bottom of the world had never even dreamed of. i think of these instances that made me so excited that I'd run outside to sit amongst the lizards and the flies to watch them. It was magic. But these days as I trace the outlines of glacial maps, my fingers move in a few centimetres. I only read old books, because the in the new ones I can't find the animals I loved as a child. Even the ones left are vanishing as I turn the pages. You can't find children's books with black rhinos, blue throated macaws, vaquitas anymore. They're either extinct or so endangered people have forgotten. the only attenborough voice I hear is a saddened man that's spent his life protecting the earth only for it to be destroyed under his feet. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones and habitat loss. No one ever told the six year old me that what I ate was killing the ecosystems I so loved. No one ever told me the creatures I loved were hiding in open land as their homes were destroyed to grow grain to feed livestock. It was a systematic and capitalist lie but the magic tricks are over. It's time we start owning up. So my children can too trace the maps of Antarctica. So my children can open books full of animals who are still alive. So they can watch David Attenborough explore the most beautiful creations in this world without fear. Where oceans are not depleted. Where the barrier reef is not dead. I'm sorry I'm not writing pretty metaphors about sparkly blue water and the expandable universe. It's time we stop lying to children. Start changing the world. Go vegan. Remember the magic. #earthday

She asks me to kill the spider.
Instead, I get the most
peaceful weapons I can find.
I take a cup & a napkin,
I catch the spider, put it outside
and allow it to walk away.
If I am ever caught in the wrong place
at the wrong time, just being alive
and not bothering anyone

I hope I am greeted
with the same kind
of mercy.
@rudyfrancisco πŸŒ™
earth day today, remember the soil under your feet, treat it with mercy

coffee + avocado on toast with mumπŸŒ™ I'm at my grandma's house and she cooked me a vegan pastie and lots of vegan soup and she's got @overthemoo in the freezer🌻 I've got a very happy heart and stomach 🌹 also I made a lil cameo in @freyahaley Sydney vlog, go check it out ⭐️

kitty snuggles ⭐️ I had a dream last night I was with @sfisherx and we were at @boochaces sanctuary and I was looking after all the goats and I had to feed them and it was the greatest dream ever πŸ‹πŸ‹ we just ate vegan food, photographed rescued animals and sat with baby goats 😭 take me back 🌹

changing the world one vegan meal at a time ⚑️ currently watching The Fundamentals of Caring and it's super sweet 🌹🌹I'm looking for some more fall themed/badass women/intersectional accounts so pls tag your faves in the comments πŸ‹

im excited to keep creating content, to keep making photographs, writing captions, to make YouTube videos (once school is over), to have more meetups ⭐️ I'm so lucky that this platform has allowed me to connect with so many incredible people. And I've learnt so much. I want to collaborate more everyday (with all of you). here's to all of you fabulous beings ⚑️

dreamy Montmartre ⭐️ the city spanned for miles and miles 🌹🌹

take me back to the cold, the rivers and the faint whispers of Dutch ⭐️ just had my first driving lesson and well that was an hour and a half I'll never forget... 🌹🌹

🐝🐝 what's your fave song? 🌹 mine is Murder Song by Aurora, or Smother by Daughter, or No Light No Light by Florence and the Machine... Gosh all these names... pretty dull hey?

🐝🐝🐝 my head feels very cloudy, like there are lots of bees buzzing around 🐝🐝🐝 I think it's sleep time soon for me 🌧

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