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Gypsy Witch  There’s no preventative, directive or safe approach for living, we each know our own fate.

Catch yas.

You’ll never see me in pink again, or drunkenly holding my shoes in Childers maccas at 5pm trying to sober up. @tull22

Who couldn’t love those murderous eyes?

Well fuck, my heads exploded again. I’m really struggling at the moment, so bear with me while I figure out another way to kill this beast inside my brain that just doesn’t seem to stay dead. ✌🏻

I’m always excited to be home but this is literally my face as soon as I get through the door.

Grubbo 😂💕

I should formally introduce the world to my DEMON kitten, Pip. He’s very rude and I think he has ADHD but he was a stray and he’s full of love so I can’t stay mad at him for long. 🖤

One whole year of unconditional love and genuine, pure happiness. Happy birthday Henley! I love you so much! 😍

I want to reach out and apologise to people I’ve hurt and also forgive people who’ve hurt me but I don’t want to spark speculation or worry about my well being. I just don’t care about anything else in the world anymore except being a good person, a good daughter, a good sister, a good Aunty and a good friend. That’s why you don’t hear from me anymore, I’m done being societies bitch and I literally am exhausted. I’m tired of being tangled in everyone’s lives, so if you’re in mine, you’re fucking special.

2,000km in two days, brb dyin.

I saw a suitcase this morning at the airport that was the same as our old family one that we lost in the fire. Today has been oddly triggering and I don’t want to go home.

Who’s great idea was it to help move my best friend 9 hours away from me???? What was I thinking? 😂 @madandcherry, thank you for being one of the greatest blessings in my life, I am so proud of you and I am so excited for you! So much love for you, Mystic Bitch 🖤

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