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Bettina Chin Cho  Beckett's Mum. Daniel's Wife. Opening Ceremony's Director of Special Projects + Legal Affairs and Producer of Fashion Shows. Find me at @skintertain !


In Honor of Mom #27. Hi Mom, Beckett’s babysitter sent me this adorable photo today, and I know you would want to see it—he’s getting so big and he’s developing such a great sense of humor. I need you to come back to visit us. I’ve been thinking about you so much this last week. I am sensing a lot of change coming, especially as this year closes and the next year starts. I’m scared of it. Some of it makes me sad, but mostly, I’m very scared. Normally, at this point, I would call you for reassurance. But you’re not going to answer your phone or text back. So I don’t really know what to do. The holidays are coming. It won’t be the same without you. I love you so much. Your daughter, Bettina #auntiesanniechin

Date night with my beloved! Out to see a movie, but we’ll see if we fall asleep... 😂 #bettinaanddaniel

In Honor of Mom #26. Hi Mom, we were at the playground this morning and had a surprise visit from Ron. He stopped by to give us some bread that he picked up at the bakery on Catherine Street—the very kind of rolls that you used to bring us every week. It was such a sweet gesture (thanks, Ron) and for a moment, I felt your spirit closer than I had in a while. Hope we make you proud, Mom. I love you so much. Your daughter, Bettina #auntiesanniechin

Somebody had a BLAST in this amazing ball pit at @wearelittlegiants !! #beckettevans

In Honor of Mom #25. Hi Mom, I came across these photos which were taken a little over a year ago, and they made me so happy and sad at the same time. These photos were taken from our Nest Cam right before Beckett went down to sleep for the night, back in 10/20/16, and you were chatting with him about all the fun things to look at in his room. These memories are my favorite, you know. You were the BEST Po Po that Beckett could ever have, so loving, kind, doting, and nurturing. I didn’t tell you enough how much I appreciated your care for my son. But like I’ve said before, I promise that I will do my best to keep your memory alive in him. I will continue to reminisce about you and show videos of you to Beckett. I will make sure the whole family keeps talking about you to him. As long as your story stays alive, he will not only know that he had the fortune of your care for his first 2 years, but also will speak about you as if you were still alive. Because you are, Mom, if only in our hearts and through our memories. I love you so much. Your daughter, Bettina #auntiesanniechin #beckettevans

Apparently, this is what I look like to my husband, who decided to sketch me... 🙄😩😂🤣 #nowords #grandmaat36 #ilooklikeaturtle (@rsn1__)

SO PROUD of @mattsflam who ran in today’s marathon! Viv woke me up at 6:30am to make inspirational posters (🙄) and we hung around 4th Ave waiting for him to show up. I gotta say, it was very exciting to see someone you’re cheering on run by!!

Celebrating the blue moon kind of love between @su_barber and @gordonmillsaps tonight! Congratulations, my loves! We love you!

In Honor of Mom #24. Hi Mom, happy Halloween! I dressed your grandson as a Bubble Bobble dragon for school (he has red shoes on), and probably no one except for Michelle and Ronald would get the reference. But he looked super adorable, so I’m excited to share these pics that Hannah took when she was at school with the boys, helping out the teacher with face painting. By the way, Beckett apparently is “off the charts” in height, says our pediatrician, by the way. Clearly, he didn’t get it from our side of the family, but I’m very proud of that for some reason. 🤣 I know you would have been, too. I wish you could come with us trick or treating when he gets older. I remember you used to take us around Fort Lee. Are you still around, Mom? Please don’t go too far yet. Still not ready to let go. I love you so much and think about you every day at least 5 times a day. Miss you. Your daughter, Bettina #auntiesanniechin #beckettevans #hunterandbeckett

Birthday dinner with my love and a couple of bfs (📷 by @naomiotsu) ... here’s hoping 36 is even better than 35! (Mom, I’ll collect my hung bao from you when I see you next 😄)

Breaking news: a panda cub escaped his habitat with his fire truck and has been found in a park in Sunnyside, Queens. Approach with caution. Loves cheese and crackers. #beckettevans #halloweencostume

Beckett’s birthday celebrations continued today at school (swipe left)! My baby is becoming a proper little boy, and it’s completely freaking me out 😩😩 ... Cliches obviously have basis in fact, but seriously, he’s growing up so fast. Where did time go? (Mom, are you as stunned as I am??) #auntiesanniechin #beckettevans

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