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Maya 👨🏻‍🍳  🐸 #TibbleFam 📬 Inquiries? Email me! 🛍 Next restock: I will be at Slime Bash 2 ;) 🛒 Shop👇🏻

Thank you guys for a great merch launch 😜 Link in bio to cop! It will only be available for the next two weeks ;)

Comment some acronyms (like Lol, lmao, gtg..etc) And has people reply with other words they could stand for👏🏻
🎃Creepy Krispie Treats 🦇
Super crunchy and scented like marshmallows! This will be at sb2 which is legit in 12 days skiskwhzja can’t waittt😜 It looks just like a rice krispie treats and it will come with a halloween charm 🎃 Thank you guys for a great merch launch!!! Link in bio to cop merch👏🏻
🐸WHERES TIBBLES? (hard one😛)


Comment an inside joke with no context 😝
Salted Caramel Brownie Batter😍
It smells and feels delicious...I would kill for this to be edible kwjsjs😫 It looks just like brownie batter and ahhh i love it. The texture is wHoly 🔐 It will be at sb2!

🤑Your new name:
First 3 letters of your first name
Last 2 Letters of your last name
Last 2 letters of first name 😛
This is Bath Time from @d0peslimes 🐥 It’s sticky in this vid but not his fault, this mans was in the ☀️ It’s so clear thooo
🐸Tibbles was in the bath

The color of your shirt + The last thing you ate= your halloween costume 🤡 👻 (from anniefofanny)
Making some slime! This took me 500 yrs to edit ✂️ 1like=1prayer. I may turn this into a slime bc I rlly like it whoA😍

Comment “By order of the.....” fill the rest with predictive text🤑
Comment some name ideas for this boi? Looks like Halloween 🎃 I’m gonna start making slime for slime bash and I have a lotto head of meeesksk

If your battery percentage was your age how old would you be?👨🏻‍🍳
Mixing in some clays😛 I love adding clay to slime it’s so fun. bouta start making all the slime for slime bash can’t wait to meet you guys! ;)

Replace the vowels in your name with “oodle”😛 Moodleyoodle
Some slimes from @karinagarc1a / @craftcitylife new line and that’s the TEE🤟🏻 they are all scented and the colors are so vibrant! ;) Skzjjsjzjsj halloween is coming soon and i’m tryna think of halloween slimes 🧖🏻‍♂️👨🏻‍🍳 pray

Thought this was some satisfying Tea 😝 Comment a number 1-500

Play finish the lyric in the comments 🎶 (like finish the vine but with music😛)
Also, Comment if I should name this Birthday cake oreos OR oreo cake batter?? cant decide ksksksksks This is like the 3rd post of this slime bc I love it 😝 It’s gonna be at slime bash which i’m hyped as ever for 🥪 some sunday slime bash passes are going on sale tonight👨🏻‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳🧖🏻‍♂️

Tonight from 6pm-8pm EST more sunday passes for slime bash will be for sale😜 I can’t wait to meet you guys!!

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