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Maya  🐸 #TibbleFam 📬 Inquiries? Email me! 🛍 MERCH LAUNCH: Thursday, (16th) at 6pm EST 🛒 Shop👇🏻

(edit this is not every thing being launched just a few!)
(MERCH LAUNCH IS TOMORROW AT 6pm EST!) drum rolllll...... Tibblefam Phone cases and new shirt design will be in tomorrow launch! THEY ARE THE CUTEST 😍Swipe left to see the cases and new shirt! huge thank you to @eelbunny for working on the cases with me!😋 (the shirt is a front and back pic) The cases will be avail for iphones (all iphone sizes) and 2 of them for samsung(all samsung sizes!)👏🏻🎉😱 The new shirt is a “wheres tibbles?” crop too with a tibble on the back! MORE INFO AND ANNOUNCEMENTS TOMORROW!

Tibbles Limes 🐸
my kween👏🏻 Restock orders are almost done being packed! a ton of packages have shipped😁 who knows what’s THURSDAYYYY AT 6PM EST😱 MERCH DROPPP🎊🎉 I’m so exited to show you guys every thing Iwizjaj
🐸Wherez Tibbles?
Play guess the slime in the comments with emojis

Jacobs (@slimeobsidian ) cloud slimes don’t even register in my brain😍 Ever since I got these I have not been able to find my weave 🤷‍♀️ MERCH ANNOUNCEMENT!!! CHECK LAST POSSSSSTTTT
🐸Wherez tibblez? (kinda hard)
Your battery percentage is your new age (i’m 6 now akzjajzj)


2 days left to enter the @slimesupplyshoppe giveaway!! #slimesupplyshoppegiveaway :) Go check it out on the shops page 🤙🏻

Glitter mixing ✨
😱If this vid gets 20,000 comments i will post the merch launch date
(Thats inspired @parakeetslimes 20k thingy) Packing orders rn thank you guys for a great restock! a few maya papaya left if you want one :) This video is so satisfying akzjnajz IM HYPED FOR MERCH SIZHAJJZ
If you could either be invisible or bullet proof/unhurtable😂, what would you be?

Thank you guys so much for 600k! I remember being so surprised when I hit 1k So 600k is insane 😱 I love the tibblefam so much 🎊🎉 The fact that i’ve come this far is crazy to me It’s honestly wild that i’m able to experience this 😵❤️❤️ Virtually sending you guys a piece of cake and a thicc thank you ❤️ cuz Ily😘 🐸

Give my slime a human name 🧖🏻‍♂️😂
You guys can snatch these beads from @slimesupplyshoppe and enter the @slimesupplyshoppe giveaway!!😍 Vibrant as ever! Restock is on saturday and i’m HYPEEDDDDD skxjnajzjajz We have been prepping for it for so long and it may be my fave restock!😋 Last day to enter the label contest! I need a pineapple dip n’ dots label!!
🐸Tibbles is at the pool
Comment your birthday and find your birthday twin 🎂

Pineapple Dip N’ Dots 🍍
This slime smells so good and looks so yummy I wanna eat it 🤤 Cronchy😍 this is in SATURDAYS restock at 2pm Est!!! Packing slime rn! Hypeddd :) All the slime is so good! Last day to enter the label contest and i need a label for this slime!! and i’m so close to 600k soizjajzjz
🐸WHERES TIBBLES?? (Hard one!!)
If you could have an unlimited supply of one slime from any slimer, what slime would you get?

Nice Mixing Content🎊
You know im not sticking these lucious hands in the red god coloring...so i used a big spoon and then IT G0T ON THE TABLE WOZJAKJZ😂today I was feeling festive so I recorded this as well as my last video and they both went downhill lmaoaoao😂 Hope this bless your eyes 👀
🐸Tibbles was hiding lmaoao
Let’s try and count up to 100 in the comments without repeating a number! if it repeats, start again!

Some clay mixing 🤙🏻
This video did not come out like I saw in my head but gonna post in anyways since it was fun to do 😫😂 You guys can get these clays from @slimesupplyshoppe
🐸Tibbles was shopping for sandals while I filmed this.
comment your most recent 5 emojis 😍🧜‍♀️🎊🤰👨🏻‍🍳

Fried Icecream 🍦
I wanna eat this slime😍 Scented like fried icecream and It’s so good woziakjzj 🤤 Is cronchy thick floam. this is in SATURDAYS restock at 2PM EST!!! today and tomorrow left to post entries for the label contest!! Post em now!! Fried icecream and pineapple dip’n dots are still lookin for labels too!
If you could be any slimer for a day, who would you be?

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