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Maya  ▽ #Tibblefam ♡ Daily Slime Satisfy ♢ Next Restock: March 24th at 6:00pm EST 👇🏻shop

(You must buy a ticket to come!)❤️MEET AND GREET COMING UP!!❤️(link in bio for tickets! they are limited so buy now!) 😝Meet and Greet!
❤️*NOTICE parental guardians only need to purchase a ticket if they will participate it games, and photos ALSO, you must buy tickets to attend*
🤙🏻🎉🎊Me and @slimeycereal are having a meet up in brentwood Tennessee! it’s gonna be LIT🤙🏻 We are going to meet you, Take photos, have a Q and A, play games and more! we will be selling pop sockets and if you order VIP you get a free t-shirt! LINK IN BIO if you want to buy tickets! (PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION OF LISTING BEFORE PURCHASING SO YOU GET ALL THE INFO) We are so exited to meet you guys! are you coming?

Iceberg sleeem ft. satisfying sounds 👂💦 what’s your favorite sound? fc:272.6k

Sophia just shaved! Thank you all so much if you donated! Still time to donate! Link in bio!

Each year my sister Sophia (pictured above) shaves her head for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation! St. Baldrick’s each year has volunteers shave their head and brave the bald to raise money for cancer research. She is taking donations till THIS FRIDAY! Here is where the giveaway comes in➡️ If you donate you will be entered in a raffle with every other person donating! We will choose two winners to win slimes from me: one random donor and one for the highest donation! 100% of donations go to St. Baldrick’s! it is INTERNATIONAL! (meaning the winner can live anywhere!)

1.Click the link in my bio to get to Sophia’s page!
2.Click donate and follow all instructions to make a donation! (YOU MUST GIVE YOUR EMAIL TO ENTER AS WE WILL BE EMAILING THE WINNER) No minimum donation to enter!
3.Have parents permission or be 18+ because we will need your address to ship the slimes❤️

A box of hand selected tibbleslimes products + more fun! TWO WINNERS! One winner is randomly chosen out of every person who donates and the other winner is the the person who donates the most!😘

Thank you to all who enter! every penny counts😘 I will livestream her shaving on friday at (approximately) 3pm est!🎉

One in a melon 🍉
RESTOCK IN 1 HOUR!!!! HYPEEE! This is in the restock! Smells like watermelon!🤤

Shamrock Shake ☘️
RESTOCK IN 3 HOURS YEEEEEE🎉🎊 HYPEEE! This is in the restock! Comes with the charm and it’s sooo crunchy! It is unscented btw. but mmmmm its good😂 Littty hype woop tibblefam: 473.3k
🐸WHERES TIBBLES?? (Level: medium hard lol)
Say a number 1-3
What did you get?
Now, Think of the last cooking utensil or silverware you just used like...(spoon, pan, pot, mit, oven, Fork....etc.)
COMBINE THEM AND YOU GET.... your new heavy metal name! lol comment what you got.
i’m Steel microwave 🎶

Set your alarms for TOMORROW (sunday) AT 6:00pm EST! make sure you are on time, it sells out quickly! So many amazing slimes😍 ALMOST 500 SLIMES!🤙🏻🎊 All the slimes are AMAZIN! THE LARGEST ORDER WINS A FREE SLIME! I will post one in a melon and shamrock shake later today or tomorrow, but they are on my story! if you want to see a video of each you can check out those!💝💝international shipping! ( MEANING, I SHIP EVERYWHERE) (usa time zones are in the post, swipe two times...if you are not in the usa you can look up a time conversion)
🤙🏻🦄Restock slimes:
•Tibbles the frog (butter)🐸(comes with tibbles!)
•Tibbles Cereal floam🥣(comes with spoon)
•Melted peeps 🐥
•Pink Lemonade floam🍋
•Captain Crunch floam👨‍✈️
•refresher Trio⤵️
-Raspberry refresher
-Cool Lime Refresher
-Orange refresher
•Shamrock shake Slushee slime☘️(Comes with shamrock shake charm)
•Fortune cookie butter slime🥠 (comes with fortune)
•Pegasus Parfait floam🍌
•One in a melon 🍉(cloud slime)
•NEWWWWW➡️ Activator bottles! There is a pic of them on my story🤙🏻
All are scented but Shamrock shake because the mint scent did not come in time but it’s sooo crunchy😍
The sizes that will be available areeeee 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 6oz, 8oz
What are you buying?

Refresher Trio 🍊
RESTOCK IS TOMORROW (sunday) AT 6PM EST!!! HYPE!!! this is in the restock! It comes with a 3oz of.... Cool Lime refresher, Raspberry refresher and Orange refresher! All of them smell like their name🤤 Yumm 😍 there is gonna be a ton of slimes so get ready for tomorrow! Tibblefam:472.5k
Wanna MEET MEEEE? 😝me and slimeycereal are having a meet and greet in TENNESSEE!! Check meetup post for details! link in bio for tickets!
Tibblefam game:
1. go to the comments
2. close your eyes 👀
3. Try and type tibbles with your eyes closed😂
4. comment what you get lolol

Tibbles Cereal 🥣 🐸
RESTOCK IS ON SUNDAY AT 6pm EST!! HYPEEEEE🎊🎉 This is in sundays restock of course! tibbles favorite! Scented froot loops! Comes with mini spoon 🥄 This week it has large white beads instead of marshmallow big beads cuz... ran out whoops😂 basically the same tho! TICKETS STILL LEFT for meet and greet! Hypeeeeeee🤙🏻 Tibblefam:471.2k
Wanna MEET MEEEE? 😝me and slimeycereal are having a meet and greet in TENNESSEE!! Check meetup post for details! link in bio for tickets!
Tibblefam game:
Look at the last digit of the views on this video (that’s your view) here’s your fortune:
1-2: You will find 4.9 Billion dollars in a suitcase in your house

3-4: look down, your in dog poop

5-6: Soon the love of your life will come your way eating large pumpkins

7-8: In two hours you will find yourself in quicksand

9-10: don’t look now, but justin beiber is in your hair

Comment what you got😂

Bubble bubble pop pop
Sorry I have not been very active! The weather has beed bad and i’ve been busy📚 but getting back on track! lolol I find this video so satisfying😍 RESTOCK IS CHANGED TO SUNDAY AT 6pm! (NOT saturday) Hype! tibblefam:470.2k
🐸Tibbles was tanning AGaiN while I filmed this!😡
Wanna MEET MEEEE? 😝me and slimeycereal are having a meet and greet in TENNESSEE!! Check meetup post for details! link in bio for tickets!
Comment an inside joke with no explanation🤪 (I think i’ve seen somone do this game b4 and it was funny)

RESTOCK SUNDAY AT 6pm EST! it will NOT be saturday!!! I changed it because is need more time to prepare! whose hype?

Captain Crunch Berries👨‍✈️
This slime is making a come back from all of you guys who were asking😁 Smells and looks like captain crunch 🤤 Thick and crunchy! this is in SUNDAYS RESTOCK YEEEE! Who’s gettin HYPEE? tibblefam:468.4k
Wanna MEET MEEEE? 😝me and slimeycereal are having a meet and greet in TENNESSEE!! Check meetup post for details! link in bio for tickets!
Tibblefam game:
Comment your most embarrassing moment/s🤭😬😂

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