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12~27~17🐝💛  Don't let them say what you can't do, if you got a dream chase it, believe it, die trying to succeed it, cuz that's what I'm doing -bambii🐝


I had to use number 9 because 10 and 11 were 3 seconds long

exactly. so they need gun control because this is ridiculous.... ironically, I just wrote an essay on whether violent games should be banned for kids under 17 last Monday. did they predict this?

felt cute might delete later but like it upp🤤

y'all wrong for this. gtfo



nah fr tho because that is was scary af

creds ~ @malu.wyd

I hate y'all for this

I did the exact same thing but it's data(dayta


that's why a lot of boys sag they pants...

if sus make this a popsocket Ong I'mma buy this

I love how she just thought she was killing it but whatever floats your boat I guess.

it's true tho

this pisses me off and people wonder why I don't want to go to school

@they.cryniy 😭😭

humans man iswear

first Tide pods, now this... this is why sometimes I hate that I exist because of stupid trends like this☺️🙄

she need to stfd

"flatbacked chicken breasted body"

cant even lie she look cute with the purple hair. @_.yanapooh._ @imwoahvicky

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