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My heart aches for you every second.

Just a small town girl with a big city attitude 🌲

Today last year I was exploring Ireland with my Mum and everything in my world was practically perfect.
Now everything is painfully different.

It still doesn’t feel real, I still expect you to walk through the door. My brain still puts you in situations out of habit. I just cant accept that I’ll never see you again. Never have a conversation with you again.
A reality I have to impossibly accept.
You’re the only one who could make me feel better, I miss you so much my heart aches, I love you my bestfriend, my brother. Forever

Everything I do, you’re always there. Even when I take a photo of a pretty pineapple 🍍

The hardest part about saying goodbye is having to do it everyday

It’s been 1 month and it hurts more everyday 🖤 I love you

How can 21 days go so fast, but so slow.
I can still feel your hand grabbing mine, hear your heartbeat, all I wanted was for you to wake up, I couldn’t imagine a world where you didn’t. But the worst happened, you left and I’m in pieces.
I can’t express the feeling of losing you, it’s unbearable, I know you’d hate seeing me like this, crying to myself, panicking at the realness of it all. I just can’t figure out how life can go on now without you. It doesn’t make sense to me.
I’m wounded and it’s a wound only you can fix.
I promise I’ll do my best to live on for you, but it’s going to take me some time

Thank you for protecting me, loving me and guiding me. My bestfriend always 💙

You’re my entire universe, I miss you every second 💙

Pure love, Best friends from the beginning 💙 I miss you

I had the craving to message you, to talk to you about what’s been going on, but you’re not here and everything that’s been happening is about you but happening without you.
I’m broken. No one understands, no one would but you. Why’d the world give us each other just to steal you away?
It’s not fair that you’re gone, it’s not fair that we’re on different paths that cant align, my best friend, my brother.
The world is cruel.
I love you

Am I in a fairytale? ♚

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