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Tiara Priscalia  for a star to be born, a gaseous nebula must collapse. so collapse. crumble. it is not a destruction, rather a new beginning.

as I was recording my phone lagged on the chorus, but here's the last view seconds of 'set fire to the rain' with the amazing firework. adele makes me feels so emotional last night #adele #adelesydney2017 #spectacular

back to two days ago and this is how i spent my last day in Japan, playing around with hedgehog. #hedgehogcafeharry #tokyo #日本 #东京 #throwback

throwback three weeks ago when we went to Tokyo Tower. Tokyo Tower is one of the first place we visited, on the 25th of January to be exact. The city view from the top of tower is undeniably magnificent and picturesque, posting this picture reminded me that it's nearly an end of my holiday in Japan and it's been such an amazing experience to be able to go to such an beautiful country. #tokyo #tokyotower #japan #scenery

we ate at an edo period sushi restaurant and this is the grilled tuna volcano. #sushi #cool #fire #culinary #japan

we're at Kyoto and Osaka in the same time. #borderline #japan #osaka #kyoto #yamazaki

took pictures with elmo and @va_nessa.li_ in universal studio yesterday. I wore my Harry Potter sweater under my coat to fit in and be festive. They were so many good rides inside, my personal favourites were Harry Potter and Spiderman in 3D motion. #osaka #universalstudio #elmo #japan

our failed attempts at taking selfie with deers a week ago and this is the "best picture" out of all the attempts. in other picture, it's either the deer ran away, my face was not captured with the deer, the deer ignoring me, both us not in the picture, etc. Nevertheless, there are really friendly and cordial although they like to eat various things like our bags, phones, clothes, etc. #kawaii #deer #nara #japan #cuteanimals

snorlax with armour? #snorlax #pokemon #himeji

we were walking in kimono the entire day, it was an roller-coaster kind of experience. it was fun, endearing, embarrassing yet felt traditional and authentic. people were staring at us the entire time, they were also taking picture and videoing us. i'm pretty sure we're at least been in thirty stranger's phones that day but an experience is an experience and it was definitely an awesome one! #kyoto #japan #kimono

you'll find these in every shrine in Japan. #japan #kyoto #funday

waking up at 6 o'clock to visit mt fuji. the view in the area is absolutely gorgeous and stunning. we ate grape and matcha ice cream in station 4 at the top of mt fuji, threw snow at each other and had a traditional japanese lunch. our day has not ended and we're still looking forward to rest of the day. #mtfuji #henpiaoliang #kirei #japan

uploading this photo for the lol. the wind was definitely the most annoying thing today, we couldn't take any proper picture because of it. regardless, the view behind us is amazing and this picture is the representation of how bad the wind was. #forthelols #badhairday #lolmyface #disneysea

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