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Tiana Molina 

Gloomy 🥶


This Beautiful baby girl is just growing way too fast🎄

Solstice firework show🤶🏼

Tis the season to be thankful we have jobs; especially the ones who throw extravagant Christmas parties.

So this past week has been a little tough on me, and like usual my best friend was the first person I called. I called him Sunday, crying and a little stressed out; he cut me off and started to lecture me and per usual I cut him off with some attitude. But what he said next really stuck to me. He pretty much told me that I’m different and ditzy, and clumsy, and I don’t communicate, and I’m pretty much all over the place; he was explaining to me that people don’t ever really get to know me or understand the things that I do or why I do them because either I don’t give them the chance; or they don’t take the chance. He explained that if they did all they would realize is that I have the biggest heart, and that I do everything with love. So I want to say Thank you for letting me show you the realest me. Your words allow me to be a stronger person. Your not even a friend your just family.

If you are looking for someone dependable, caring, truthful, loving, reliable, loyal

God is available.
Happy Sunday

Hope everyone is filled with food and love, Happy Thanksgiving.
PS: it’s a quiet night for all you cowboy haters🌚

Glancing at Mt.Denali aka the highest peak in the United States. It’s all covered in snow now❄️

Holiday bizarre with my cute little momma☃️

ARTIC ⭕️ ✈️

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