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Tiana Johnson  Eighteen Powerlifter 💪 #teamrowston Snap- tdawg13


Wasn't the greatest idea driving to springbrook at 10pm at night & walking through the bush. Big boy was scared of getting eaten by a snake 😂
But the view was worth it. 😍

It doesnt count if you didn't take a photo after your session.... right?

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Monyay. Booty pump was real this morning. 😜💪 #powerlifting #booty #legs #monyay #monday #selfie

Progress is slow. But its coming. Come on gainsssss. 💪

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Woke up looked in the mirror felt like shit took some photos. Compared the photos and feeling a bit better. 💪little progress is better then nothing.
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Totally missed the Doms so happy to be back hitting the gym. Time to grow and get lean before I start prepping for my next comp ! 💪ps: yes one of my arm/shoulders are smaller due to having a messed up.shoulder half my life. 😂
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Cheers for making me happy. 😚

1 week without gym and my best friend. So 2 gym sessions today and a full day with her. Good to be home. ❤

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Waterpark fun with my little favouite human. ❤

The other day i stood on a silent beach.. nothing was around me it was so peaceful.. my brain finally had a chance to think and to process everything that has happened.. for the first time in a year i felt like i could breathe again.. for the last year i have been drowning, drowning in my own self pity, my own worries and in my own lungs.. i told myself cairns would be my game changer that i needed to destress and to come back home with a healed heart and to be able to breathe again.. so instead of going home with a stressful head and a dead soul... ill come home with a full heart, a big passion to change my life. Im excited for the next few months.. a new job. Starting my own PT business and to get my training up too 100%... so heres a promise to myself to never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. ❤

Adventure days ☉

Adventuring with my favouite human. ❤