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Tia Montgomery🐖 Makeup Artist  wife @themikemontgomery mom @steele.boy •freelance makeup artist• UT #celiseartistry celiseartistry@gmail.com


I am obsessed with these two humans and their incredible smiles! time with family is heart healing ❤️ love you @steele.boy + mama

the beautiful @kariborgman for the latest YOUNIQUE catalog! it's always such an incredible experience getting to know these amazing women & hear their stories!!! .
#celiseartistry #younique #youniquemakeup #youniqueproducts

the beautiful senior girls of the LHS CHEER TEAM ❤️ I look forward to my time spent with these sweet girls- thanks again you guys, for trusting me with your faces 💁🏼 .
@marissamariephotography + #celiseartistry

happy wedding day to the new •MR&MRS NESSEN!• .
Thanks so much @taylie_bee for trusting me with your face for bridals! You are a STUNNING bride ❤️
@jessicas.photography PHOTO #celiseartistry MAKEUP

2 months ago today I experienced the hardest thing I've ever had to go through in my life. navigating the grief that came from such sadness & loss has been truly an awakening experience. Infertility is the most vulnerable thing I have EVER experienced. Choosing to emotionally & financially dive into it is to expose the deepest parts of yourself. My babies have brought me my greatest joys (and greatest sorrows) .
To know these sorrows is to continually find myself & structure who it is I strive to be here in this world.... it hurts so much, to have this sorrow. But oh, the sweet joy I find in the simple things around me as I chose to rise & move forward (forever changed) in this healing process.

one of my favorite looks I did for a recent shoot with @younique_corporate • I'll be honest- I'm very proud of this look & how it photographed & came to life!! I LOVE IT!
All Younique products used 🙌🏽🙌🏽 shot for the new BEHOLD finishing spray that I LOVE! (Find a friend who sells, buy some- thank us both later) #celiseartistry

•LILY• this beauty right here was my -most mature- client to date! 94 years mature to be exact! WHAT! I pray to have skin like her at age 60! Let alone 90+!!!!! She was so kind and kept asking if I was giving her some lashes so she could "flutter flutter" to all the guys 😂❤️ #goals my other clients were all 70+ in age as well & I enjoyed talking and being around them all- loved today... #lovemyjob

I finally got my hair wet... (I don't like getting in all the way k?) #tiasbooms

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸fav holiday. fav boy.
this boom was taken right after I discovered 💩 in his swim diaper & it somehow ended up all in my hand!!?? Gross. So gross. Toddlers are messy & busy & intensely curious & fearless (at least this one is) he is also very healing for my soul (and tiring 😴)- love you BUBS! @steele.boy #tiasbooms #happy4th

my real life hero- I was very sick with this past pregnancy & this guy stepped up so big. He was basically father + mother to our @steele.boy... I couldn't cook, clean, bathe or put Steele to bed most days & mike would come home for lunch, feed Steele & then put him down for a nap & then he would come home from work & wisk Steele away, play with him, take him on dirtbike rides & make him happy (something that I could barely do most days) Their bond is incredible. Steele is as obsessed with mike as I am! I love it. So dang much. Watching you be a father (+best friend) to our Steele boy and the way you took care of me while I attempted again to grow our family leaves me in deep gratitude & love ❤ I love you @themikemontgomery & am grateful everyday that your my better half #1dad #1husband

An Album of our sweet girls journey.
1.) baby embryo
2.) Steele boy gettin the ultrasound gel ready for transfer
3.) sporting his big bro shirt & posing next to his name on the @utahfertilitycenter tree
4.) my selfie -post transfer
5.) happy parents after a positive transfer pregnancy test •you have to wait 10 days after transfer to see if embryo attached or not•
6.)my meds & shots for the first 10 weeks of baby carrying
7.) checking out baby's heartbeat for the first time at week 7
8.) our first scare- I had a uterine bleed that we kept our eye on. It resolved around Mother's Day.
9.) baby girl at week 11- kicking and waving at us and our amazing dr 💗
10.) Baby Girls Final Ultrasound Photo at week 15 - the ultrasound that shook us all and left us heartbroken.... .
Our journey began in January with a uterine surgery to prep & clear out some polyps before transfer.... 6/1 came and our journey was halted.... .
We are still wracking our brains as to "why us, why this...after all we have done"

We will have hope again.. we will pick back up and carry on... once this incredible fog has lifted. 🌸

I know I will be okay..... I know my cup will runneth over again as it was in this photo.... But for now I'm not okay. For now -I hurt, It hurts. And I know that it's okay to feel this way.

These tears are proof she was real, she was here & I will always remember the joy she filled me with. 🌸
. .
Thanks for all your sweet comments, messages and gifts during this time- it helps me to be able to share my pains & sorrow. I have been lifted up by so many of you- thank you 🌸

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