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Tia  Make hay while the sun shines. 📍Toronto, Canada ✉ccbytia@gmail.com 🎥YouTube: tiabhuva 👇 SHOP our entire line here 👇


Dress drape ❤

To see a slower version with voiceover instructions, check out my youtube channel youtube.com/tiabhuva

Front pleats tutorial ❤

The red skirt from @tiabhuvadotcom is one of my favourites in our line but it wasn't always the case. It took a long time for us to perfect it- the manufacturing process we use works well for some colours and is more challenging with others.

We couldn't change the process because it's what gives our skirts the stiffness it needs to maintain its shape when wearing heavy silk sarees over it.
If you've been following along our journey for a while, you know we reintroduced the red skirt after some time. We are going through the same process for white skirts.

I've been getting so many emails and messages regarding the white set and we aren't yet ready to reintroduce it. We do however have some inventory that we will be selling for local pick up only in April at discounted rates. This is so we can point out the flaws (unnoticeable when worn) but flaws nevertheless. Our policy has always been to only send out perfection and be completely transparent with our customers.

The standards you accept determine the results you achieve ❤

Wishing you a blessed Sunday 🙏

Sometimes I use regular shawls/dupattas ❤️🤣

Red cancan skirt @tiabhuvadotcom
Printed crop top @hm
Jewelry @divineboutiques

Cancan ft Kasavu saree
Good morning and Happy Saturday🎉🎉🎉

Pics taken 7-10 years ago 🙈 (swipe to see the rest)

I wanted to share these pics because it reminded me of a time in my life when I felt lost... mostly because people told me I was lost for the crazy things I wanted to do (ie quit school/job and move to Korea to teach English) and I came across this quote today that I wish I had read then.
"I stopped telling myself that I’m lost.
I’m not.
I’m on a road with no destination, I’m just driving with hope that I’ll find a place that I like and I’ll stay there.
I’m not lost, I’m on my way." -Ahunnaya

Trust me when I say we all eventually find that place we like... when the time is right. Just trust your journey❤

Wearing the white cancan set from @tiabhuvadotcom and my mom's vintage banarasi saree ❤️

1 saree, 2 drapes! Which is your fav? 1 or 2?

Top & Saree Silhouette @tiabhuvadotcom
Saree @utsavfashion (from more than 10 years ago!)

You should only be doing one of two things: improving yourself or enjoying yourself; everything else is a waste of time ❤️

Posted this a year ago today and every word still rings true today ❤

Good morning my loves, I just want to say on this day of love how much I appreciate all of your comments and messages. When I opened up my Instagram account and made it public a little while ago, to say I wasn’t afraid of The Big Bad Internets would be a lie. I was terrified. But boy was I wrong. I’ve gotten to know so many of you over the last couple of months and trust me when I say the inspiration is a 2 way street. Your messages remind me on a daily basis to be grateful to be alive during this amazing time in history when we can connect and form friendships with people half way across the world. I’m a firm believer that the world conforms to your beliefs about it – and y’all reaffirm those beliefs on a daily basis.❤❤❤ .
Happy Valentine's Day from the Macaroni and I!! P.S. for those asking- the saree is my wedding saree aka koorai bought at @Pothysofficial

Tony and I dont do traditional Valentine's day celebrations. I'm more of a birthday/Christmas girl ☺ Last year we took out our parents for dinner. This year we're bringing dinner to my cousin's and meeting their newborn for the first time. To me, It's just another day and whatever you choose to do... I hope you make it a happy one!

Oh and because it's also Ash Wednesday tomorrow, we'll be at 815am mass 🙈 Good night!

The Team that made this picture happen:
MUAH @hairandmakeupbytharsh
Photography @memoriesmedia
Florist @florella.toronto
Saree @rsmsilksinc
Blouse @tiabhuvadotcom
Videography @p.onestudios

Family weddings 💕

The look that started it all!! My koorai saree styled as a #cancansaree
I posted this exactly a year ago today with the following caption: ・・・
You don't always need a logical reason for doing everything in your life. Do it because you want to; because it's fun; because it makes you happy.
Like dressing up in your koorai on a random sunday and posing for your reluctant photographer aka hubster 😀

#cancansaree #tamilbride #tamilwedding #bridalinspiration
• • •

Love Chloe's reflection in this pic ❤️🐶

The Kandian or Osari drape 💙

A couple of things I want to say as disclaimers:

1. You probably don't need a saree silhouette if you're going to wear this drape especially with sarees of thicker material. The drape itself has a pretty structured/straight bottom- I'll try the drape with a lighter/thinner fabric and report back with if you need it at all for this drape! I'm wearing it because I cant ever go back to cotton petticoats now ☺

2. I am definitely an amateur at this drape but I'll do a proper/slower tutorial with voiceover for each of the steps. Comment below if you'd be interested in a more detailed video or if this is good enough!

Happy Monday 🎉🎉🎉

I read somewhere a long time ago that you should always try to be a beginner with a beginner's mindset because in the expert's mind there are few possibilities while in the beginner's mind the possibilities are endless.

We often get comfortable in life and comfort feels good. It becomes easy - whether it's a job, the food you make, the places you vacation...or the drapes you do 😊

But staying in your comfort zone is a sure fire way to limit your potential. One of our most important needs as human beings (once the basics of food/water/shelter are met) is growth. And you grow by trying new unfamiliar things.

All of this to say- here's a new drape I've been practicing ☺️ It's called the Kandyan drape (from Kandy, Sri Lanka) and I have yet to master it. Those frills should be frill-ier and the front should be less poofy. If you've tried this drape and have pointers, I'm all ears!

Here's to always trying new things even at the expense of not doing it perfectly! Wishing you all an amazing week ❤️

Closet before & after 🎉🎉🎉 All built from scratch by Tony ❤

I love watching monthly favourite videos by my fav youtubers and I've been meaning to record one myself but just haven't got around to it. So until I do, I'll do them via Insta posts... here are my #januaryfavourites .
1. @motherdirt - I first heard about this spray on an an entreprenuer podcast- I remember thinking if I'm hearing about a skincare product from a non beauty blogger... it must be something really special! It's a bottle of good bacteria for your skin and is great for problem skin and can be used instead of deodorant. I've used it on my face and body for a few weeks now and LOVE it. It's not cheap - $49 + customs of approx $17 to Canada but I will definitely be purchasing again!

2. @tartecosmetics blush palette - you get 10 colours for $57 which is nuts when it comes to value for money! Also a great compact palette for travel! @hairandmakeupbytharsh used it on me when she did my makeup a few weeks ago and I was in looove. I've had it for a couple of weeks now and have tried all the colours and can't say a bad thing about ANY of them. So versatile and oh so pretty!

3. @eyenvy is a lash conditioner and is meant to make your lashes grow fuller/longer. It's not cheap- costs $85 for this tube but should last you 5 months. I've used it for 2 weeks and definitely see a difference in length already. It takes 4-6 weeks to see full results so will report back with long Minnie mouse lashes 🤞 😁

What are some of your favourite products/discoveries?

Please note: None of these products are sponsored and I purchased all of them myself ❤

Happy Birthday to my favouritest person in the whole wide world: my Amma ❤

Here are a few things I love about her:
1. Her hugs- there's nothing in the world her hugs cant cure ❤
2. Her food- she has magic hands that make everything taste SO Good! (Except when she tries to make me eat things and lies to me about what they really are... "no that doesn't have ANY egg in it!" "Amma, pretty sure this is an omelette"
3. Her positive outlook on life... which has definitely rubbed off on me 🙏
4. Her style. My page of sarees is basically her entire saree closet on the gram 😁
5. The way she smells of pond's cream mixed with tide ❤ .
I could sit here all day and list out all of the amazing things I love about my mom and I'd imagine it'd be universally applicable to all moms everywhere. What's your fav thing about your Amma/Mom?

Throwback to our wedding day when @akmakeup1 did my muah and I couldn't stop twirling in my @misshayleypaige dress ❤

Belle 💛🌷 Who's your favourite princess?

Wearing the yellow cancan set from @tiabhuvadotcom

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