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• @ca_wilkins •  all about that oily life 🌿 i’m sharing my obsession + saying adios to toxins! grab a kit 👇🏼 + join our community!!

:: C O M M U N I T Y :: our souls long for it. we were made to be in the middle of it. life isn’t a “go it on your own” kinda journey.
i just have to get this out + share with people. so they can know there’s an open door + a seat at the table for them to sit + be welcome. .
so here it is....
it’s the raddest + most exciting thing when you get to be blessed by this thing of community. what blows my mind even more is that this community. this place of support. encouragement. safety. laughter. lifting each other up. this is what i got to get in on when i stepped into young living. i know how cheesy + out of this world that must sound. but it’s true. because tonight i got off of close to a 2 hour facetime call with my friend + leader. it’s not just her but every team member is a piece of this community. i’ve been beyond blessed to have hundreds of women pouring into each other. • WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS •
we have open arms for YOU. we would love to have you sit with us. rally around you + lift you up.

ok, on-the-fence peeps!! where you at!? if you’ve been following along for a while & you’re ready to get serious about incorporating natural wellness into your life (ditching the toxins & harmful chemicals💀), but you want to learn more, or you need to research everything before you purchase your starter kit—i’ve got just the class for you!
starting mon. 3/12 me & my sweet friend @forestandfleur are hosting a week-long, private, all things YOUNG LIVING fb class. you’ll be added to a group where we’ll be sharing a mix of written content & videos each day that you can enjoy at your own pace (info will be posted & you can read/view when it’s convenient for you).
cost is $10—we’ll be mailing you three rollers as a gift to use all week while you learn all the oily things! ✨🌿 a sleepy roller, a happy roller, & an immune roller!
we’ll be sharing everything you need to know & answering any questions you have. everyone who orders their starter kit at the end of the week will be refunded their $10!!!
message me to reserve your spot!! limited space, so FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. i'll be mailing out rollers to get to you in time!✨✨✨(open to non-young living members only😘).

one of my essentials whether sleeping, reading, or traveling is music. it so easily moves me. jesus has been using this song in some powerful ways (i know not just in my life. if you listen to it you’ll know). jesus was definitely in the midst of it’s creation. so if anyone needs truth over and over again — speak to jesus. even if that’s totally weird and out of your comfort zone. ask god what he thinks of you. you’ll be amazed. and i’d encourage you to take a peak at this powerhouse song if you need a reminder. “i am B L E S S E D. i am C A L L E D. i am H E A L E D. i am W H O L E. i am S A V E D in jesus’ name. HIGHLY FAVORED. ANOINTED. FILLED with your POWER. for the GLORY OF JESUS’ NAME.
oh god you’re so good. god you’re so good. god you’re so good. you’re so good to me.” 🖤

i’m trying to get plugged into the lifestyle of falling in love with taking care of my body. and it’s a lot easier than i thought it would be when i decided to create healthier, safer and more natural habits. it started with buying a kit of essential oils from my friend. which i instantly fell in love with (because who doesn’t love magic plant juice that smells so dreamy??). then i realized that young living has SO MUCH more than oils. they have tons of natural, safe, and non toxic stuff from skincare to house cleaners and everything in between! 🙌🏼 it’s insane and i’ve been hooked ever since. so in addition to switching out gross chemicals and toxins ☠️ i’ve thought more about my eating habits and what i’m ingesting into my body. aaaaand as of today i’m committing 30 days to the ketogenic diet! i’ll be sharing my journey of meals, substitutes, progress, and struggles along the way. overall i’m just taking baby steps to being the best version of myself and this is where i’ll be sharing all that (: ps. see my story for my first meal of the journey and some info about the keto diet! ✌🏼

this warmer weather + enjoying some fresh air without freezing my booty off was just heaven today (i mean shorts in february. can i get an amen?!!). it got me reminiscing of afternoon hammock naps, lake days, wandering through the black forest with my lover, and all other things good for the soul. bottom line i love outdoors and nature from homey plants, forever living in my hammock if i could, and nights under the stars, to the magical plant juices (essential oils) i use on the daily. it’s refreshing and life giving. so tonight as i reminisce of warmer weather and outdoorsy adventures i’m breathing in the dreamiest woodsy mountain blend :: 2 drops northern lights black spruce + 2 drops sacred mountain + 2 drops frankincense ✨

i was just thinking of all the things i’ve stopped using since i started rolling these magical plant juices all over my body all day erryday! i have so many rollers all around the house, car, every single purse, and my work bag (crazy oily lady over here ✌🏼). SO. if you’ve been wanting in on the secret...i’ll be offering a << FREE DIY roller kit >> to anyone who jumps in! (swipe for the details) 👉🏼 link is in the profile! dm for questions, id love to chat. ✨ OH and just saying...you’re still able to get all the amazing promos for FREE things YL still has going on!

night shift fueled by jesus, oils, + some good ole ningxia red

(got some oily news in my story!) sharing a tidbit of my morning routine + oils 🌿 what are y’alls routines or favorites for happy hair + skin?!

dreamy sleepy time routine: carrier oil with 1-2 drops of frank + lavender...massage on my legs + footsies ✌🏼#gimmealltheoils #oilupbuttercup #headtomytoesinoils

hold up valor. this new kid on the block is something fierce

looks like i’m not the only one excited to dig into this box 🤗 check us out live at 1:30 to see what’s inside!!

live unboxing in the story for the next 24 hours! ch-ch-check it ouuttt 👆🏼 there will be another in the next few days >> i ordered 2x cause...gimme all the promos!!!

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