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Tom Price 

The yield: 15 jars. Mom would be proud. Coming soon to toast and pancakes near you. If only we weren't on this stupid keto diet we could try some ...

Strain, stream, steam. #jam

Sort, slice, sugar & smash- pit Sunday morning jam

Reno. Juniper. Delta.

The black mamba of Berkeley is on the loose!

Don't look like much, but this is a huge formative part of my life-portion of archive from college activist years, looking out at the exact place those events happened. The shanties. The firebombings. The arrests. The lawsuits. And the eventual wins. Tonight some of us are meeting up for a 30th anniversary to reflect on what for almost all of us turned out to be a lifetime of activism. We were mostly children, but learned a powerful lesson: if you are determined enough, you can take on any one and anything, and win. The arc of history bends toward justice- but only if you put your hands on it and shove. Fight the power. Be the power. ✊🏻

Fat marmots, endless sky, and alpine flowers. Thanks #albionbasin #todaysoffice #freelancelife #enjoyingitwhileican

Utah has apparently legalized large scale fireworks for anyone to buy. Thank god these people don't drink because this is crazy dangerous stuff.

People sometimes ask about where I got my emergency preparedness bug: behold my mom's full two year supply of food Everything on the left side she grew and canned, pollinated with her own bees. #respect #mormon

My mom's work bench is next level- so tight

The wrap around view from the summit. A place I've never been and likely won't see again but so worth it. Had to whole place to myself.

Channeling my inner Jed Bartlett, after a solo summit of 11,061 Provo Peak--a great place to share the news that I quit my job on Friday and am looking for what's next! Spending a week in Utah with family/friends recharging the batteries after 4 1/2 years fighting the good fight with APL. It's time for me to find someplace new to do what I can to help on clean energy and climate change. Suggestions welcome! So happy to come back to the mountains that have always been home for me, and anneal myself in the forge of steep and far and alone, so I can return to Berkeley and be of better service to the people and ideas that matter most to me. What's next?

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