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Tom Price 

Isak Dineson said "the cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea." When unavailable, may I recommend flowers in spring.

It's the simplest thing, but have you ever just watched the steam rise and swirl off s mug of coffee as the sunlight streams through it, because it's amazing. #noimnothigh

What I did earlier today. God how I hate the black bloc and everything they stand for

Have apparently reached the age at which one IG's images of partially completed home improvement projects. Concept by AG, art design by Juniper Grace, components from Urban Ore, sweat and splinters by me.

1985 called- they found my missing haircut and returned it.

24 hrs ago @actiongrl was trainin' worms to swim on Lake of the Ozarks with three generations of kin. Now we're in Berkeley breakfasting on Whole Foods before visiting Urban Ore. Travel is weird. Also: the heartland needs healthier food.

Rubbin' is racin'

Indoor water park on spring break: check

When your skeeball style ticket win is so big you can barely fit it in the parking lot

'Murica, part two. The dark side is literally right there all the time, just below the surface.

'Murica, part one

Rusty old swinging bridge. Sure did pop and groan under the weight of the car

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