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Brian  Brian: Speed hunter Daily:BMW M4, 2018 mustang Project car is unknown

Got the new stuff on Beamer an she is aggressive an she is a stance queen can't wait to get the wrap on her an then we're talking sexy------------- follow my partners @boost.ty @datboy_kalani808 @dstaschke04 @thor_bjornsson_

Update) just picked up my BMW it's not bad all it needs is a wrap an a new bumper an got me something an I saw it an Looks awesome------- follow my partners @bvosted_rp @datboy_kalani808 @dstaschke04

Well I got in a crash today at party an I don't know but I can't feel my leg an thx to everyone at the party for helping me I was racing yea ik I'm stupid an I lost control an hit a wall an slid into another one I'm lucky to be alive

HAPPY BDAY! To had fun follow my partners @bvosted_rp @datboy_kalani808 @dstaschke04

Just got this BMW m4 so far it's good I also bought a mustang from @ford_australia soon to be shown-------- follow my partners @dstaschke04 @datboy_kalani808 @bvosted_rp

This is my drag GMC syclone it's name is white noise thx to @chris.fh3.rp for the name she's one bad bitch of a truck--------Follow my partners @bvosted_rp @dat_boy_kahini @chrish.fh3.rp @stadackey sorry guys I had to edit an a lot of it is wrong 😂

Hi my name is Brian I have restarted an this is my house with my raptor I work for bvosted customs an i drive a 1995 BMW------follow my partners @bvosted_rp @datboy_kalani808 @dstaschke04 @chris.fh3.rp

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