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Jennifer Artman 

The level of patience this cat has is insane. I thought for sure someone would wind up dead....frankly I wasn't sure which 😬

Last night while babysitting these two I got the bright idea to surprise @megartman by adding art to her empty wall frames.
She's always cracks me up when she buys new frames because she immediately hangs them but sometimes they'll stay empty (well with the fake picture they came with in them) up on her walls forever....sometimes years.
We fancied some of them up 😁

Farley got a nice little surprise in the mail today from aunt crissy.

we bring her bed wherever we are and he curls up in it

I can't even kick him off the bed...and he knows it. I can't help but think he's going to ride out this sympathy train 😥🚂

My longtime animal loving girlfriend Jen (who took in #mylittletrashcankitten ) brought me this sweet gift in remembrance of my little bean. The little box of pop up cards is such a sweet can grab one when ever you need a little boost and a sweet uplifting message will be revealed ❤

every night since she's been gone he's slept in her bed instead of his own.
We are even allowing him to have one of her blankies to cuddle as long as he's good (so far he hasn't tried to eat it).

I have a cute little story from my sweet beaners passing:
After she was gone, Dr. Brad got out a little pair of clippers and gently said "we usually take a little lock of their hair for you to keep but...I...umm...can't quite find any" . We giggled and told him she had two "glorious tufts of shoulder hair" which were hidden under the sweater she was wearing.
He gave a little giggle when he saw them and trimmed a little bit off.

he's still sad but getting a little better tender hearted little goo

my sweet and funny friends @steffythestink @jewcyjewboy and their adorable girls @missmaddyrose04 and @maitai2006 sent us this wonderful garden stone in memory of our precious little bean.
What a touching gift and thought. We can't wait to find the perfect place for it.
Thank you friends ❤Much Love, Jen, Michael & Farley xoxo

✨they are back together ✨

He noticed the bare sunspot this morning and very gingerly sat down into it.
He only stayed for a minute as not to upset lexi (wherever she may be). I let him know it was ok and I think she made sure it was there today to bring him comfort but he left it anyway.
He slept in her bed last night instead of his own and is in it now.
He's very somber which is tough to see since he's such a crazy silly boy. We all grieve in our own ways and I respect his ❤ my sweet boy

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