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Espresso Bar  OPEN Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm, Sat: 9am - 5pm


“What are you serving?”
“A 50/50 blend of Ethiopia and Guatemala”
“What is serving you?”
“A 50/50 blend of Australian Shepard and goldendoodle”

I put a spell on you... and now you’re caffeinated!

The espresso is bright
The coffee is sweet
We think that you guys
Are all pretty neat

Wondering how to step up your coffee drinking game? Pick up an adorable mug from your local coffee shop.

NEW cozy sweaters available just in time for the chilly season!

Currently drinking Guatemala El Amate by @heartroasters
Currently eating NEW Hibiscus Raspberry scones by @bubbleandbrownbakery
Currently listening to Kill The Moonlight by @spoontheband
Currently enjoying the mood created by overcast skies

We miss you already @c_love! It was a pleasure having you in town for coffee training and showing you our favorite parts of SLC.
Also, for our Friday Pastry Special, @bubbleandbrownbakery made us Matcha Peach Cakes!

Training with @c_love from @heartroasters today. So the shop will be closed. How does this guy have this much coffee knowledge in his brain?! Already, the coffee is tasting even more sweet and delicious. We can't wait to share the fruits of this training with you guys starting tomorrow.

Fridays feel good. @whereisjade @mistyframpton

Fabulous Friday special by @bubbleandbrownbakery: Almond Butter + Mixed Berry Crumble bar. (Their fancy version of a PB + J!) Brewing Kenya Kieni on drip and Colombia Primavera on espresso. #heartcoffee

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