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Espresso Bar  OPEN Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm, Sat: 9am - 5pm

Shelves are fully stocked. We sell plants now too... j/k these are just taking up shelf space until we get more merch. What would you like to see? Mugs, t-shirts, brewers and filters, kettles, patches, flamethrowers?

This guy... his name is Simon. He likes coffee more than me, more than you, more than anyone... in the world! It’s his birthday tomorrow July 10th. He could be 20 or 30, I really don’t know, but I do know that he’s one of our favorite people! He will be hanging around here tomorrow drinking coffee, maybe he’ll make you a beverage or tell you a funny story. Either way, wish him a happy birthday when you see him.

Cruise in on a @bird and get yourself a nice espresso! Tasty shot pulled by @trollqween and video by @nancytanya

Open tomorrow for the Pride parade. Come grab a coffee, or a matcha, or some oat milk and a donut. We’ll open around 9am and close once you’ve had your fill. Probably around 1pm.

What do you think SLC? Come try it out.

Why is coffee so freakin’ delicious?

Hello spring. Flowers by @trollqween

Couldn’t help reposting this photo I spotted on @byronrussellll ‘s feed. Thank you for sharing your energy with us you beautiful people. Photography by a talented local photographer, @vega35mm


Do the things that make you happy.

Thanks for stopping in. You look stunning in this photo! Love how they turned out.

Today we are brewing a coffee from Honduras on drip and our single origin espresso is an Ethiopia. Pictured here is a Blood Orange and Caramel Tea Cake by @bubbleandbrownbakery. ( It just sold out, but make sure to try one next week!)

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