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King Kapone Pugh  "I was given this life because im strong enough to handle it" Life is tough my darling, but so am I! I have 3 legs and like to hug humans! #tripawd

Careful whatcha ask for.
#dogkisses #kingkapone

I am pouting because my momma wont let me go outside because she thinks i will go blind by lookin at some stupid Eclipse thingy. I gotta pee lady NOW.

Im so happy my childrens best friend just happend to be a pitbull 😍

This is what a vicious pittie attack looks like


Toofers 😂

Its bedtime now zZz 😪😴

Granma is a great pillow 😂

Tug o war. Dont let the hoomans fool youm i deff let go. I won but didnt want to embaress conner in front of my grandma... 😂😂👍💪💪 my momma said i lost a leg but not any heart #strongman

My momma was a little sick today so my grandma came to visit me she gives the best hugs!! Can you tell i missed her? Big ol smiles #dontbullymybreed #teamtripawd #ilovemygrandma #andshelovesme

When i count my blessings i count you twice. Kapone you are nothing short of a miracle. A miraculous, strong, sensitive, caring, godsend soul. I thank my lucky stars for you every day. Your that one friend i cant live with out. Thank you for my morning snuggles. Thank you for giving me a smile and a laugh every day. Thank you for teaching me compassion. Thank you for pulling my heart strings. Thank you for choosing me the be the luckiest woman in the world to get to be your momma. Thank you for always standing by my side. Thank you for treating my children as my own. Thank you for being you baby boy. I love you oh so much ♡

Kapone my dear you couod have that entire couch to yourself.. why do you insist upon taking up all of my love seat? #youknownopersonalspace #biglapdog #alwaysbymyside❤️

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