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King Kapone Pugh  Napping is lifeee. I like filet mingon & ice cold water. I do what i want. I have 3 legs and i like to hug humans. 👍 #teamtripawd #handicapable

I guess this bed rest thing isnt all THAT bad.

Day 3 of bed rest potty breaks make me happy.

Excuse my mommas pudge belly😂 but do you guys get taken outside like this? Its amazing i never have to walk anywhere if i dont wannna im carried like the king that i am. Dont tell my mom cause because im still mad at her for crating me but she is probably the best dog mommy ever. Im pretty sure people think shes crazy when they see her 4"11 self carrying my 62 pound dead weight 3 legged self around like its nothing cause shes a BOSS.. and she always says "pone id do anything for for you". Gahh shes sappy but im pretty sure she would carry me up a mountain like this if i needed her to ♡ i couldnt be #kaponestrong with my #strongmom #amomsloveknowsnolimits #shelovesmeforme #dogmom #handicapable #bondedforlife

2nd day on strict bed rest.. seems much more peaceful today :) gives me sad eyes everytime i walk by.

Had to crate gim so he can rest his leg.. he follows me everywhere i go hurt leg or not 🤕 i feel like such a bad mommy for locking him up but this is the only way to keep him off of it

You are beyond perfect to me♡ even though I'm still not feeling very good i still have a smile and follow my mom all around the house :)

But why mom?? Im a wonderful garbage disposal. Why you no share? I always here u tell the tiny humans "sharing is caring" take your own advice lady.

Angel boy ♡

I feel all the love and prayers from you guys. Today isnt much better but he did walk outside by hiseld although the porch is as far as he made it. Pain pills are in full effect today.

Today has been a rough one for my sweet kapone. Hes had to take 3 of his gabapentin today PLUS tramadol PLUS his herbs from @nhvnaturalpet to attempt to control his pain in his front limb.. he was doing so good im not sure if he jumped on something and landed on it wrong im going to give him a day or two and try to sedate him to keep him relaxed if not were going in for xrays. With valley fever his bones are extremely brittle im hoping its just a bad day and not a fracture or anything. I know even a fracture doesnt sound serious but for a 3 legged dog its a disaster. Ive had to carry kapone up and down the stairs and even outside to potty.. his wimpers are melting my heart.. how much can one gentle soul take? Please lord give my sweet boy a break.. i know you give your hardest battles to your toughest soldiers.. but please PLEASE ease up on my boy. He is my best friend and i mean that with every ounce of my being. Punish me.. give me his pain 👎💔
Please wvery dollar counts this is a close friend to my family ♡♡♡♡

Different is beautiful. I love kapones 3 legged quirks. I love how he has adapted to sitting up to take pressure off his leg. I love how he taught himself to scoot around. I love his scars. I love the way he moves his nub as if its still there. Hes not your "typical" dog. Hes different. But hes perfectly imperfect ♡ #handicapable #teamtripawd

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