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Three Little Pandas  London based kids (and bringer upper of kids) lifestyle brand. Ethically made & organic products 🌿 #teampanda #threelittlepandas Promo: SHIP4FREE πŸ‘‡

Little Panda Asher be like... "Say whaaaat? It's only Thursday?!" πŸ˜«πŸ™ˆπŸ€· Yes guys, it isn't Friday YET im afraid but to keep spirits high why not shop our website and get your Christmas shopping done way in advance? Check out our SALE too! - few items have been reduced AND by entering FREESHIP at check out you will get free shipping too! #winning

Organic tees, moccis, accessories, bits for the nursery and skincare... There's something for all Panda and #supportsmall shoppers/lovers πŸ™Œ .
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Photo throwback April 2017:

Ok... So 20 facts about me?! 😱😫 I've been slow, I know. @bunnyearsandsnapbackbros and @startedwithastitch tagged me a few days ago for this and haven't had a chance to really do it but alas! Here it goes, 20 boring facts about moi πŸ™ˆ

1. My name is Rufina aka Fina, Fin, Finz, Mama Panda
2. πŸ‘† This is my family! The ones we live with anyway! πŸ’›
3. I've had a kid attached to my hip since the age of 19 πŸ€— - it's hard work but totally worth it
4. Three Little Pandas is my 4th baby which I'm hoping to build into something fantastic!
5. I'm turning 30 this year and can't wait.
6. Have been married and divorced and now permanantly promised to @theuncooldad... Engaged to be engaged is a thing πŸ‘Œ
7. We are a "blended family" my 2 eldest are from previous and @theuncooldad has 2 from previous relationship. That makes us technically a family of 7 with #TheBenji binding us for life πŸ’› #totallyoutnumbered
8. We live in London and love to holiday whenever possible (which is very rare!)
9. I've always had a passion for art but never really focused on it - kids always come first!
10. I worked in top shop for 5 years - that's not interesting at all but shows how patient a person can be working in retail. #facepalm
11. Few months after Benji was born was given a pre-diagnosis of epilepsy and have been in and out of hospital ever since. - over 2 years later they now believe it could be a type of sleep disorder - STILL awaiting diagnosis #pisstake
12. I have a heart monitor in place which the kids think is cool and fun for whenever I beep through security barriers 😫. - they call me robomum sometimes
13. I think I've been a patient person for a very long time but have recently started delevoping an allergy to BS. "Never mistake kindness for weakness".
14. Strong believer in helping others
15. I like to bust a moveπŸ’ƒ
16. Im British, born in London (UCLH - same hosp as all my kids were born)
17. My mum's Filipino, dad half English and half Polish
18. Have an interest in languages and different cultures, speak English, understand Tagalog and my mother's tongue Kapampangan, studied Spanish and Italian for GCSE - yah, I'm pretty proud of that πŸ™ˆ

CHECK THIS OUT!! Baby Panda Jana is wearing our #floatingpanda Tee made of organic cotton and screen printed to perfection πŸ‘Œ

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This. Child. Is. Beautiful!!! That's to be expected though.. good looks run in the family!

The gorgeous princess panda Lara looking awesome in her sparkly princess panda hair clip and #floatingpanda Tee by Three Little Pandas. 🐼🐼🐼 Head over to and snap yourself some paw-some 🐼 gear today! Enjoy free shipping on ALL orders by quoting SHIP4FREE at checkout too! Happy first day of the week! πŸ‘ŠβœŒοΈ


When life throws you πŸ‹ s they suggest you make lemonade... So I guess that's what Mama Panda has been trying to do over the past couple of weeks!

I've been trying to find focus and get my life on point again with juggling mamahood and business but it seems there's always an obstacle of some sort to stop me from gaining balance. πŸ™

However, I'd like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to a few insta peeps who I really appreciate and love on here... @bunnyearsandsnapbackbros @mondays.kid @flowertopia_london AND @mumoclock you ladies are bloody fantastic and words cannot express my gratitude to you all for the support you've shown to either the business or myself in some way. πŸ™ƒ

Our #teampanda family from 2016-present have been so lovely, and honestly if it wasn't for you all I'm not sure that I would of kept this ship sailing.
Why not drop a tag of someone you think is 🐼stic and show your gratitude today? πŸ‘‡

You'd be surprised how the littlest gesture of kindness can go a long long way πŸ’›

Have a perfect week all!

Mama P
X πŸ“Έ Cred: @ohsomummy - moccis available via (link in profile)

Have you read one of our #teampanda Mama's #ohsolovelyreview about @kokoso_baby products? --- not yet? Well! Whatchu waiting for? πŸ‘‰ Head over to @ohsolovelyhelen and check out her blog post on this fabulous product which we are proud to say are available on our website! Visit (link in our profile) and enjoy free shipping on all UK orders by quoting SHIP4FREE at checkout! **No minimum spend required - just GO FOR IT!


#FRIYAY #kokosobaby #organicskincare #threelittlepandas

How pants is this weather today?! Today's plans were a write off as Papa Panda doesn't want to get his hair wet but to cheer us all up, he's ordered us pizza! (Even though he's supposedly watching his man curves πŸ™„). Anyway, we can't give you pizza to cheer you up on this hump day but we can give you free shipping on all orders from Three Little Pandas! Just use the code: SHIP4FREE at checkout and you won't pay a thing for P&P.
Right, pizza's calling..
#threelittlepandas #teampanda #babypanda #pandafamily #organickidsclothing


Do you ever get sick of being at home? Recently, the missus and I have been trying to find any excuse to get out of the house. Taking #TheBenji out for walks for him to get some air seems to be the main excuse but I'm finding we're walking further and further away from home. It's not that we don't love our home, sometimes you just need to be away to appreciate what you have.

Today we ended up in St James' Park. I've never been there before but whenever the missus and I are together, stupid hilarity normally ensues: from bird calling from across the lake to random conversations with big duck things whilst they stare Benji out over his biscuits, sometimes I think we're worse than our kids πŸ˜‚

#papapanda #theuncooldad #stjamespark #threelittlepandas #teampanda #parentbloggeruk #parentsdayout

Check out this snap by @raisinglittle_j of her handsome little panda exploring the beach in our "Floating Panda" tee!
Did you know that our Tees are made of GOTS approved organic cotton and are screen printed using non toxic dyes to ensure perfection for your littles soft and sensitive skin?... Well, they are! πŸ‘Œ

AND stock is limited so get in fast for yours before it's too late!

Visit - link in profile - happy first day of the week! #teampanda #threelittlepandas #floatingpanda

A MASSIVE, HUMONGOUS HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF #TEAMPANDA'S FIRST EVER BRAND REPS, THE GORGEOUS HEIDI!!! We're so blessed to have such an amazing extended Panda Family and we're forever grateful to for the support she's shown through our journey.
Let's just take a minute to soak in Heidi's cuteness!

#teampanda #threelittlepandas #floatingpanda

3.10.14: The day our life flipped, turned upside down, crab walked sideways, u-turned and then did another 360.
Our littlest Panda #TheBenji was born and what followed none of us ever expected nor imagined.
Everyone goes through their struggles and man it's been a rough ride but in all honesty if it wasn't for my Three REAL Little Pandas and @theuncooldad I wouldn't be here with hope in my heart that one day everything will get completely better.
Flicking through insta earlier and was reminded by a post by @toomuchmotheringinformation that it's #nationalbreastfeedingweek! I don't have many photos of me feeding the littles - just a couple I keep for personal memory bank.

Decided I'd share this one for a couple of reasons though. 1. It's the first ever that was taken of me feeding Benj and 2. It reminds me of that special bond I had with him (correction, have with him)... I had to stop breastfeeding - or so @theuncooldad insisted due to health issues, exhaustion and stress. And although I at the time resented him for "making me stop" I thank him everyday now for having my best interests at heart.
I do work so hard, and I don't give myself enough credit. I know this. But I also know I'm so lucky to have the unit I have and realise that those who try to break it are just twats! Thank you @mother_like_no_other for your honest caption in one of your latest posts regarding CBT. It reminded me that #itsoknottobeok but to remember that one day it WILL be ok πŸ’“

Image repost from @theuncooldad of our Princess Panda badge designed by the one and only #careaux!

With every order placed via - until midnight TONIGHT you will receive one of these cuties complimentary! πŸΌπŸ’“ So jump on it! Check out our new and full range of organic and ethically made products and place your order today! πŸ‘† #youdonotwannamissout

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