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Texas Health and Racquet Club  Best in SMTX: Group Fitness, weight/cardio room, racquetball/volleyball/basketball court, Elite Performance Studio, smoothie-bar, sauna & MORE! 💪😅🏀🏃🍌

There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in something you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something you accept no excuses, only results! 💪❤️

C.H.O.W (Challenge of the week)

Who can flip a tire 15 times the fastest? (7/19-7/25)

1. Get bottom up
2. Keep chest high
3. Explode up through your hips
4. Explode tire over with your shoulders

How many reps can you get?

Winners from last weeks CHOW (Leg press Challenge)
Male: David Paez (82 reps)
Female: Lyanna Jimenez (200 reps)

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Certified Posture Specialist.
Now on to my next certification. 💪

I started becoming serious about my wellness almost a year and a half ago. I started by working out and changing my eating habits. I had some moderate success, but would repeatedly plateau, so I turned to my friend Bradley for advice. He gave me some tips and I broke through the barrier. In the fall of 2016, I had a long plateau and became extremely frustrated. Brad encouraged me to come to THRC. I took his advice and we started training together in October. I saw some pretty serious results right away. Unfortunately, shortly after, I fell during a workout and sustained an injury that made my workouts difficult. I still came in (on my crutches) and we worked through different types of workouts while I healed. Brad was always encouraging and supportive, even when I was ready to give up. I renewed my PT contract in April because even though I was ready to quit from a long plateau, Brad continued to encourage me and had me try a variety of different things to work through my struggles. I know that I would literally have quit if it weren’t for Brad’s unwavering support and encouragement. I am so grateful for the help he has given me throughout my wellness journey, and designed workouts that target the areas I want to work on. He gets excited about the gains I make (even when they are small), and that helps me tremendously when I start feeling discouraged. He knows how to push me just enough that I know I can do something hard. That has translated to other workouts I do (when I’m not in PT). I hear him telling me, “Don’t you give in!” when I’m doing something physically challenging. Even if my time with Brad were to end today, I know he will have helped to change my life, and for that, I will be forever grateful!

We had such a blast during our launch of "Cycle Party"! Check out our video of the class below and make sure to reserve a bike for tomorrows class!

Cycle Party (Saturday's at 10:00-11:00am)


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C.H.O.W (Challenge of the Week): LEG PRESS CHALLENGE! (7/11 - 7/18)

How many BODY WEIGHT reps can you do until failure?

1. Knees must come to chest
2. Feet must be normal width apart
3. Knees must extend all the way up ( of course don't lock them)

ICYMI: Another beautiful day for Bootcamp in #smtx! 🌞💪

Bc my gym is my happy place:) 📷: IG - @maylyn.scarlett

Did you get your daily dose of #THRC Mania?! If not, here's what you missed!

Have you been itching to boogie down?! If so, shimmy on over to #THRC this Saturday for the start of our new group fitness class, Cycle Party!

Classes will be held every Saturday at 10:00 a.m., so don't miss out!

Get ready to glow!
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🙌🏼The Greatest Life Lessons🙌🏼 Learn to love hard work and learn to choose success🏆
Everything else just naturally falls into place. 🙏

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