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Made the pun of my life today!
"Careful, don't leave them in the fridge too long, or else they might release an album!"
Not pictured, @david_grib19 walking away from me in Harris Teeter while I laughed til I cried #noregrets

This is almost all of my purchases from @gladragspads and honestly it's so worth it. I have a wet bag, a carry bag, 3 night pads, 5 day pads, 1 day pad plus, 3 pantyliner plus, 3 pantyliners, 2 cups (I accidentally killed my first one, rip), the BEST stain remover I have ever experienced, and this really neat booklet called Menstruation Sensation! Genuinely learning about GladRags has made my period so much more comfortable. If you want to nab some reusable products just go on over to and use my code GRA1711 💜 #gladrags1 #gladragsambassador #reusablesplease #showmeyourstash

Tmi but idgad: I've had this pad since about March of this year, which means it's gone through roughly 5 cycles, it still looks brand freaking new because of this stain remover @gladragspads has on their website. The Buncha Farmers stain remover is by far the best-smelling, natural, and extremely effective stain remover I have ever come across in my life. I used this on a week-old coffee stain and it came out like I had only just spilled coffee on my sweater. Use my code GRA1711 to get some free shipping and some money off your order if you're ready to say #reusablesplease because honestly it's your body, shouldn't you know everything that's being put in it? #gladragsambassador #gladrags1 #saynotoshame

"I shall conquer the universe!!" -tiny turtle the little sibs found in South Carolina

Cutest child ever #furbaby #catsofinstagram

No worries, I have a better option: @gladragspads
If you're a menstruating human that would like to look into a safe, reusable product that makes your life a bit easier please head to #GladRags website (its listed in their IG description). If you worry about the price I have 2 things for you to think about. 1-feel free to use my code GRA1711 to get 5$ off any purchase of 35$ PLUS free shipping to the US!! and 2-this is a one time purchase for a product that lasts for a REALLY long time. It is worth it. I went from spending an average of 25$ a month on my period products to spending about 35$ one time for my #xoFlo. Did I mention that everything is non-toxic?
#GladRags1 #reusablesplease #byeworries

Hey everyone!! I'm really excited to announce that I'm an ambassador for @gladragspads ! GladRags is a company that has been making reusable products in the United States for a long time. I feel really privileged to have the opportunity to talk about these products! #GladRags1 #GladRags

So I just threw a marinade together using olive oil, lemon, and a spice mix and damn it turned out well. #homecooking #justwingit

Ever tell you about the time where I saw a "do it afraid" sign at a church with @david_grib19 's couch barely secured in the trunk of his car?

Basically we're at that point in the semester where I eat nothing but chips and pray I can knock out some bangin papers #helpmeeeee #graduating #Idonthaveblood #Ihavecoffee

Yeah I know I drank most of it before taking a pic for insta. I'm terrible at being a basic white girl. Ask me if I care #strawberryacairefresher

Why not be sweet and sexy? Strong and sensitive? Life is full of duality darling and no one said you had to choose 💜🦋🌹#saturdayselfie #loveyaself

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