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Chris | Sage & Visual Artist  》Humbled Omniscient of the Human Condition ▪ Intuitive | Esoteric ▲▼ 》8 Week Intensive: Learn to Evoke Transcendent Truth ▪Early Enrollment ⇣


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The photos I take, graphics I edit, in those I guide - Vision, experience and a diligent thirst for knowledge permit the revealing of an essence amongst all through which I am compelled to honor, choosing art as my favored avenue of expression 🌠✨🎇
Going beyond the general principles of photography, authenticity reigns primary giving way to Truth; that there are no boundaries in creation. Need motivation? There's a black dot in the center of a plain white canvas selling for an obnoxious sum. Simply said, justify the terms and anything goes.
Tip🔓: Begin your work with a set goal having zero expectations. Allow changes, enjoy the process and have fun. - Chris


The arrival of this time seeing through a blueprint such as I've created to be available soon through LiterallyMagic.com is a tremendous personal achievement. Having fallen to depths where light escapes into void, I lifted the veil through each threshold and discovered the truth that is the magic of reality

A commitment to endure the creative process of discovering transcendent truth shed every aspect of what was, bringing to fruition a realm of being I learned as True love

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Truth is much stranger than fiction.. Link in bio🌠✨🎇

The Law of Gender; manifests in all things as masculine and femanine. It is this law that governs what we know as creation. The law of gender manifests in the animal kingdom as sex. This law decrees everything in nature is both male and female. Both are required for life to exists 🌠🌿🤙🏾

The Twist: Accept what °is, however it Be 🌞🌿🤙🏽🤙🏽

Earlier this year myself and cast of The Hero Within spoke on how we worked to personally overcome the issues addressed in this production, these stories relevant to us all. Depression, PTSD, MST, racism.. we revealed the truth of life as service members across all branches. I'm grateful for the experience of being a part of something so significant that went outside the box holding nothing back 🤙🏽🌠✨🚀💨

I've become aware of the increasing necessity to address the realm of personal guidance with my experience and gifts of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

Through my time ascending higher toward and into greater aspects of this path, the wealth of what I've obtained from an inner quest have been of huge benefit to those I've come across needing wise words and practical application to succeed beyond the nonsense of modern society and transcending the mundane insanity of cycling through life.

Contact me for an introduction to truth and practical application, free 30 min phone call.

The deeper you willfully dive into channeling aspects of your True self, the brighter your light beams. #BE expressive to the extent that all judgement meets immediate void with an expansion of greater character and ever-increasing joy through all that You do.

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